Non-tourist Thailand: how people really live in a popular country

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Ordinary everyday life of Thais, which surprises tourists

Ritual dances, luxurious beaches, and smiling people are all seen by tourists who come on vacation to Thailand's famous resorts. But is everything really as beautiful as it seems? A large part of the population of this country is on the brink of poverty. Half-ruined houses, suffering from floods, wind and time, children in rags and a lot of superstitions - such a truth not all foreigners are ready to accept. How Thais live - in the selection by OBOZREVATEL.


For Thais, housing is practically a sacred place. Therefore, there are many superstitions associated with it. For example, one should not enter the house with shoes on and under no circumstances step on the threshold. The locals also believe that it is bad luck to hammer nails into the floor. They predict the loss of money to those who sweep at night. And there are many such rules.

In regions with an increased risk of flooding, houses are built on piles - special wooden structures that raise the buildings for several meters. This also protects the owners from predatory animals and snakes.

Almost every house has a small replica. It is a santrapuma - a house for the spirits. Thais believe that you have to be friends with them, so they build them small houses.

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The locals hardly ever cook at home. And there is no sense in it. The street food business is very well developed in Thailand, allowing you to buy any dish cheaply, whether it's soup or rice and seafood.

Fast food here is unlike anything else in the world. It's not greasy fried food like in other countries. It is a complete meal that supplies the body with all the necessary substances. They add porridges, meat or fish and a lot of vegetables to the dishes.

In Thai apartments they do not allocate space for kitchens. As a rule, they put themselves a kettle, a microwave and a minimal set of dishes. Sometimes you can see a small refrigerator. But it is more often used to cool water than any food.

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Thais rarely spend money to buy expensive appliances. So not every family has a washing machine either. However, in the cities there are special points where you can wash all the clothes for little money. It usually costs less than $2.

In remote areas still follow the ancient rules of etiquette, which is difficult for foreigners to understand. Lovers here do not express their feelings in public. Even married couples rarely hold hands, much less kiss in the street. This is the ultimate expression of disrespect for others.

Even if you are close to a Thai man, don't touch his head. It can be seen as a sign of humiliation.

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