No vinegar needed: a quick way to get rid of limescale in a kettle

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Citric acid will effectively deal with limescale and won't leave an aftertaste

Limescale in the kettle can truly spoil even the best tea if it ends up in the heated water (and it will). But the most popular method for removing it - white vinegar - can worsen the situation as it leaves behind an unpleasant odor and taste. But isn't there another way to clean the kettle?

As OBOZREVATEL found out, there is. Citric acid is no less effective in the fight against limescale. You can buy it at any grocery store - it is a popular culinary ingredient. It is environmentally friendly, has no pronounced odor, and is quite inexpensive.

To descale a kettle with citric acid, add one tablespoon of citric acid to half a kettle of water. You can stir the crystals or leave them in the water as they are. Turn on the appliance, let the water and acid come to a boil, and leave the solution to work for a few minutes. After that, drain the water and wipe the tank of the device with a sponge - limescale should come off easily. Finally, rinse the kettle well.

Unlike white vinegar, citric acid leaves no aftertaste, so there is no need to boil the kettle again after rinsing. Also, if it did not remove all the dirt, you can repeat the procedure, and do this as many times as necessary to clean the kettle.

In addition, citric acid can be used to make a paste to combat thick lime deposits. To do this, mix the crystals of the product with a little water to the desired consistency, apply the resulting substance to the contaminated area with a brush or sponge, and leave it to act until the paste dries. Then rub the area again with a brush and rinse off the rest of the product.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you how to clean limescale from bathroom and kitchen taps.

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