No mayonnaise: tasty pita roll with stuffing in 10 minutes

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Delicious pita
Delicious pita.

The best product for making light snacks and even desserts is pita bread. For stuffing you can use: boiled eggs, greens, fish, canned foods, seafood, cottage cheese.

What to make with pita bread

Culinarian Victoria shared on Instagram a recipe for a delicious pita appetizer roll, filled with fish, cheese and greens.

An appetizer recipe


  • pita bread - 1 pc.
  • melted cheese or you can take cream-cheese
  • salad leaves (spinach, ruccola)
  • light salted salmon

Method of preparation:

1. Stuffing: grate melted cheese on a grater.

What to make pita filling from

2. Slice the fish randomly.

3. Spread out the pita, spread a thin layer of cheese, spread herbs all over the surface and thinly sliced fish.


Homemade pita roll

4. Wrap in a tight roll, then wrap in clingfilm and place in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.

5. Slice and serve.


A tasty snack

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