"No instruments": Russia complained that they have nothing to respond to Storm Shadow missiles for Ukraine. Video

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After a series of powerful explosions in Luhansk, which is now the rear of the occupation troops, the Russian Federation became very worried. One of the reasons for these worries was the Storm Shadow missiles that Britain had handed over to Ukraine. Russia has nothing to respond to this type of weaponry.

The propagandists talked about this on Vladimir Solovyov, one of the Kremlin's main mouthpieces (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the video). They expressed indignation at the lack of a reaction from the Defense Ministry, Foreign Ministry, and Kremlin.

"It (Kremlin - Ed.) just can't do anything. Let's be honest, without being sanctimonious. There are neither the tools nor the will to do it," said one of the propagandists.


Both Solovyov and his colleague Margarita Simonyan looked especially sad about Ukraine receiving long-range missiles. The latter tried traditionally to threaten Britain for its military aid to our country, but even she was not in the right mood this time.

"This, of course, is very upsetting," Simonyan commented on the Storm Shadow news.



As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- Great Britain transferred several long-range Storm Shadow cruise missiles to Ukraine. Thus, the Ukrainian Defense Forces received a new long-range strike capability on the eve of the long-awaited counterattack against Russian forces.

- The Kremlin said it was "negative" about such military assistance and traditionally threatened an "adequate response.

- Russian citizens also stuck to tradition and threw a fit of hysteria over the transfer of Storm Shadow to Ukraine. Russian residents spoke of betrayal due to the fact that their government no longer responds in any way to the so-called "red lines.

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