No dust in the house: a Chinese cleaning method you would never have guessed

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How to clean surfaces from dust

All cleaning life hacks usually have a few ingredients in common: baking soda, vinegar, salt or citric acid. These are really effective products that can help remove dirt, disinfect and get rid of unpleasant odours.

However, a very unusual cleaning method is gaining popularity online. It is said to be used by Chinese housewives. OBOZREVATEL talks about an interesting ingredient that hardly anyone would have guessed to use as a polish.

If you have decided to give up chemical cleaning products or want to minimise their use, you can try environmentally friendly ingredients as an alternative. One of them is sour milk.

It sounds rather strange, that's for sure. However, those who have already tried this life hack claim that it really works.

The recipe is simple: soak a sponge or cloth in sour milk and wipe the surfaces in the house with it. The method is suitable for:

  • wooden surfaces;
  • lacquered coatings;
  • marble surfaces.

The secret of effectiveness lies in the action of a special acid contained in sour milk. The surfaces instantly become shiny and radiant. This product does not leave any streaks at all. The surfaces will shine clean and will not be harmed by aggressive chemical solutions.

There is only one drawback - the smell. After this procedure, you can't do without a conventional detergent or sprays containing aromatic essential oils.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told how to rub tables and shelves to get rid of dust for a long time.

Houseplants, a humidifier, water filters on a vacuum cleaner, and proper cleaning techniques will also help get rid of dust.

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