No chemicals or vinegar: how to clean a clogged drain in the kitchen or bathtub

Yulia PoteriankoLife
Ordinary hydrogen peroxide cleans pipes safely and effectively

Every bathroom or kitchen sink gets clogged from time to time. Hair, pet hair, soap suds, small particles: all this accumulates in the drain and periodically needs to be cleaned.

Usually, quite aggressive alkaline products are used for this task, which can hardly be called environmentally friendly. Another common option is to combine baking soda with vinegar. However, as OBOZREVATEL has learned, there is another method that requires a liquid that is available in almost every home.

We are talking about hydrogen peroxide. To get rid of a blockage with it, first remove all the dirt from the drain. Next, dilute a full glass of peroxide (250 ml) in a liter of cold water and pour the mixture down the drain. Leave it to act for 30 minutes.

Then flush the pipe with hot water. It should not be boiling water as it can damage and deform plastic pipes. Take water of a sufficiently high temperature. 2-3 liters will be enough.

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