New media for IT community launched in Ukraine

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New media for IT community launched in Ukraine

In June, the editorial board of a new media outlet focusing on expert content for the IT community began its work in Kyiv. Anton Podlutskyi, a Ukrainian media manager, ex-head of RBC-Ukraine and co-owner of KyivVlada, became the founder of ProIT.

The target audience of the project is everyone who is involved in technology. The media platform invites people to cooperate with IT experts who wish to share their knowledge and practical experience with other colleagues in Ukraine. Everything that can be useful for the development of the IT industry: from the experienced owners of the largest companies ready to tell about the expansion of the company during the war and finding new customers to coders who have found a cool solution to the problem.

In the spring of this year, I initiated the creation of the ProIT expert platform. For me, the experience of highly specialized media is quite successful. Thirteen years ago, we created the KyivVlada magazine, where we began to thoroughly cover all the events in the region and, first of all, analyze the work of local authorities. I am sure that we play our role in the effective development of society every day," he said.


Podlutskyi emphasized that a year of war pushed him to develop new media areas that would help the country develop during the war.

The Ukrainian IT industry was hardly the only one area that maintained its growth rate in 2022, as the working technology business supports the economy and the Armed Forces, creates new jobs during the war and implements humanitarian initiatives. According to the results of the last year, IT contributed $7.34 billion to the Ukrainian economy, making the largest figure in the history of Ukrainian IT-industry. And it was achieved despite the war.

Despite of the world crisis and some market decline in Ukraine, I am still convinced: this sphere has great prospects. Our goal is to help the development of the industry, which became the "cement" of the Ukrainian economy during the war and I am sure will be the driving force of our development after the victory," Anton Podlutskyi said.

According to Olesya Ostafieva, ProIT editor-in-chief, the team is open to cooperation with all Ukrainian IT companies. Currently we are negotiating about the cooperation with the largest industry players in Ukraine, because they concentrate the best specialists who can share their expertise.


"When forming the concept of media, we talked to the largest Ukrainian companies, and they all voiced the same thesis: our market lacks high-quality, Ukrainian-language specialized IT publication. Of course, there are many strong media platforms, but in fact, they are business or news media with a focus on IT business. We see ourselves as a niche technology media and focus on expert content. Especially now, many Ukrainian IT people refuse the usual technological platform of Russian origin. After all, few people like to read "about the technological nuances of UAV use during the so called SMO" when these nuances are killing your friends and family members every day. Of course, the authors of such narrow-niche content are not journalists, but technical pros, and we actively engage them. We also pay a lot of attention to the relevance of our materials, carefully researching worldwide English-language sources and even consulting with ChatGPT."


For a greater incentive for IT bloggers ProIT developed a bonus system: the authors of the best expert articles, which will collect more than 50 thousand unique visitors from Ukraine, will receive a reward, 50 thousand hryvnias. Authors of texts with more than 5 thousand unique hits are rewarded with 5 thousand hryvnias.


Anton Podlutskyi is a Ukrainian media manager with over 25 years in journalism. Co-founder of the KyivVlada portal. In 2009-2015 and editor-in-chief of RBC Ukraine.

Olesya Ostafieva is a Ukrainian businesswoman and media manager. She has been in journalism for 20 years. Worked in the business editions like Economic News, Kyiv Weekly and Expert-Ukraine.

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