Never leave your toothbrush in a hotel bathroom: what can happen

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Toothbrush in a hotel bathroom

Conflict situations in hotels are not uncommon, and both guests and management can violate the rules of good manners. The key is not to overstep the mark and to be able to apologize in time so as not to aggravate the already tense atmosphere.

Former hotel manager Melly, known on TikTok as @melly_creations, often shares her tips and tricks on travel and hotel accommodation. From her own experience, she told us why you shouldn't leave your toothbrush in the hotel bathroom.

Let's imagine a situation: you arrived at the hotel in a not-so-good mood and had a little argument with the receptionist or maid. You were offered a room, you put your things away, put your hygiene products and toothbrush in the bathroom, and left to do some business or go for a walk.

The experienced manager advises against leaving your toothbrush in a visible place, especially if you have been rude to the staff. Melly told us about cases from her practice when the staff misused the toothbrushes of not-so-behaved guests: for example, they cleaned some places in the bathroom with them

"Keep the toothbrush away to avoid such situations," the expert emphasized, adding that she "would never do that and would fire employees for such behavior."

Social media users were stunned and left bewildered comments, noting that, having traveled and stayed in hotels for years, they could not even imagine that this could happen.

Of course, this situation should not be taken as a common practice. At the very least, a guest may notice that someone has used his or her brush and complain to the management of the establishment. It is unlikely that the staff will risk the place and resort to such actions in revenge for a dissatisfied customer. And in general, I want to believe that most staff and guests are mutually respectful and polite.

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