Never going out of style: stylish and comfortable alternatives to pumps

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Loafers and moccasins - trends for spring 2023.

What's the first thing you dream of when you get home? Do you need to take off your high-heeled shoes as soon as possible? To make the day go by without discomfort, you can replace uncomfortable shoes with better alternatives. There are models with low soles that look no less sophisticated and stylish than popular pumps.

OBOZREVATEL has prepared a selection from discreet loafers to light ballet flats. They will help you forget about foot pain and fatigue.


These are models that look like loafers, but are more formal. They have become popular due to their convenience, simplicity and elegance. There is a lot to choose from: they can be brightly printed or plain shades, decorated with tassels, fringes, fasteners or slits. Loafers go well with a casual look or a strict suit. It is best to style them with cropped jeans or trousers, not skirts or dresses.


Pointed ballet flats

This option is suitable for those who like pumps. The only difference (which is also an advantage) is that ballet flats either have small heels or no heels at all. This type of shoe can be worn with dresses of any style, suits, overalls or jeans and T-shirts.


Oxford shoes

These are stylish women's shoes in a masculine style with a rounded toe and stitching on the edges. They add severity and spice to the look. Oxfords can be safely combined with dresses, skirts, jeans or a restrained office suit in navy blue or black.



This type of shoe is a shoe classic and is almost not subject to the whims of fashion. Moccasins are styled with cropped jeans, tapered trousers, summer shorts, light dresses and skirts. We do not recommend wearing them with classic suits, warm sweatpants or sweatshirts - it will be inappropriate.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote about how not to wear sports shoes. For example, sneakers on bare feet, with tights, a pencil skirt or with elegant dresses are a fashionable taboo. Read more in our article.

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