Never do this! What dangerous habits are destroying your phone

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How to extend the life of your smartphone

If you want to use your smartphone with care and quality, you should be aware of dangerous habits that can lead to sudden breakdowns. This applies to charging cycles, using the phone in the car, and clearing the memory.

To ensure that your smartphone is not harmed, you need to know some basic rules. OBOZREVATEL has collected the most important ones.

Frequent charge cycles

Of course, in a power outage, we always try to keep the battery full and put our smartphone on charge as soon as we can. In a force majeure situation, this may be justified.

However, experts still advise against charging the phone unless the mark has dropped to a low value.

It should be noted that it is also harmful to discharge the phone before it is switched off.

Clearing the memory

If the memory is not cleared, the phone will freeze. Your smartphone may switch off by itself, applications may not load, and photos and videos may not display properly.

To prevent this, regularly clear the memory and cache in applications.

Temperature changes

Experts do not recommend leaving your phone in the car for a long time, especially in summer and winter. Prolonged exposure to heat and cold can quickly damage the battery.


A case and a protective glass will help protect your smartphone from damage. The right case can even save the phone's screen when it is dropped.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told why you shouldn't charge your smartphone in a car.

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