The main mistakes in caring for dyed blonde hair are named

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The main mistakes in caring for blond became known. Source: GoodFon

It is very difficult for many girls to "get along" with a capricious shade – cold blonde. The main mistakes that can be made in caring for this color have become known.

After all, if you don't take care of it, all the beauty will quickly come to naught, and the hair will become stiffer and more unruly, writes Rambler.

You refuse keratin

Many women who have tried keratin straightening vow never to get involved with this procedure, but do not confuse the procedure with a useful component. For blonde hair, keratin is as important as air, as the hair seriously suffers from bleaching, and therefore it is important to gradually restore it with the help of products containing keratin. Don't ignore it!

You are nourishing your hair too much

Of course, nourishment is necessary, and yet too concentrated products can lead to the opposite result – instead of crumbly hair, you will get glued and brittle hair. This is exactly the case when at the very beginning of use, we are delighted with a mask or balm, but over time, they stop working as we think they should, and we abandon care. As a result, the hair becomes stiff. The solution is to choose the right care for your hair type – get advice from your master in the salon.

The main mistakes in caring for blondes have become known

You do not trim your hair

Yes, regular visits to the master are an important point if you decide to lighten your hair. The thing is that heavily bleached hair dries faster than other hair, split ends, and, in general, hair looks untidy if you visit a master once every six months. Blond hair requires meetings with a stylist at least once every three months when the tips can no longer stand it. Yes, you will have to lose some length, but otherwise, you simply cannot keep your blonde in excellent condition.

You give up silicone

Just like keratin, silicone helps to glue the scales together, thus saving you from ridiculously fluffy and stiff hair. Almost every day, hair is subjected to heat treatment, which is extremely unpleasant for blonde hair, and therefore, "leave-in" products with silicone should be in your care arsenal for the beauty of blonde hair.

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