Move away from other plants: which berries attract pests in the garden

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Raspberries attract a lot of pests that can not only kill them, but also severely damage the entire garden

Berries are a favorite treat not only for people. Insects also like to live in berry bushes. Plants create a microclimate that is comfortable for these creatures, and the fruits themselves become a desirable food for them.

Some of these insects are real garden pests, so experienced summer residents recommend planting these berries away from the main garden. This way you reduce the risk of infection of the site. OBOZREVATEL has compiled a list of berry plants that are best kept away from vegetables.


Aphids, wireworms, ticks, and harmful butterflies such as scoops and bear are fond of settling on these bushes. Often they multiply on raspberries so much that they kill the plant itself and heavily infect neighboring plants. Therefore, this berry should be taken care of with special care.


Many different harmful insects can appear on both black and red currant bushes, which are common pests with many other crops. These include spider mites, berry sawfly, leaf moth, aphids, bud moths, and scale insects. Birds also like these berries.


The large juicy berries and leaves of this plant are popular with blackberry mites, May beetles, raspberry beetles, hairy bronze moth, stem flies, and spider mites. Blackberries are especially prone to infection with raspberries, so it is best to plant these plants at a maximum distance from each other.


In addition to the fact that grapes need special growing conditions, such as support and plenty of sun, it is better to keep them separate from the rest of the garden because of their attractiveness to pests. It can be attacked by leafhoppers, sucking pests, cicadas, thrips, mites, plate insects, scoops, leeches, weevils, and the brown marble bug.

To combat these insects, experts advise regularly checking the condition of berry bushes. If there are the slightest signs of infestation, you should immediately take measures to protect the plants - treat them with chemicals or home remedies, remove harmful insects mechanically. In this case, you will save not only the berries themselves, but also the rest of the crop.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you how best to treat fruit trees to protect them from pests.

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