"Most of them": Dagestani UFC fighter demands not to be represented by Russians and diagnoses Russia

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Mokayev renounces Russia

Absolute Fighting Championship fighter Muhammad Mokayev demanded that the name of the aggressor country be removed from his promo before his fights. The native of Dagestan admitted that he wants nothing to do with Russia and is now happy to represent the UK in the octagon.


Mokayev wrote about this on his Twitter page. He noted that most Russians are real racists who treat Muslims with contempt. In addition, the athlete was outraged by the situation with the protests against the construction of a mosque in Moscow.


"I don't like this. Please leave only Dagestan for my next time in the octagon. I've read many comments about how Russians are against Muslims who want to build a mosque in Moscow! That was enough for me. My wrestling coach is Russian, I have nothing against the nation. But most of them are racists, they hate me even when I fight under the British flag, so I don't want to communicate with them," the lightweight stressed.


In the UFC, Mokayev has fought four fights, in which he won three early victories, and once he was stronger than his opponent by unanimous decision.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Russian mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Vladimir Mineev, who is fighting against Ukraine, turned to his compatriot in a panic after the liquidation of war correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky.

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