Morning or evening: when it is better to water indoor flowers and what is the difference

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When to water indoor flowers

Regular watering is an important factor that affects the growth and development of indoor flowers. It all depends on the season, plant type, pot size, lighting, and room temperature.

Housewives often do not think about when it is better to water flowerpots, although the wrong choice of time can negatively affect indoor flowers. OBOZ.UA took a closer look at this issue.

Morning watering

Each plant requires an individual approach to growing. The choice of watering time depends on the soil, weather conditions, and other factors. Morning watering has its advantages and disadvantages.

In the morning, plants activate their growth function, and water provides the necessary impetus for photosynthesis and nutrient absorption. Morning watering can also prevent the spread of certain diseases. For example, if there is too much liquid for the plant, the water will evaporate during the day, and this will not provoke the appearance of fungal diseases.

But in summer, owners need to pay more attention to moisturizing because the heat negatively affects the flowerpot and all the moisture can evaporate by the evening, which will lead to a slowdown in growth.

Evening watering

At night, plants "rest", so they absorb less water and evening watering will provide them with enough liquid without rapid evaporation. However, there is a high risk of disease spreading through wet soil. Such conditions are favorable for the development of fungi and rotting of the root system.

It is important to avoid excessive moisture in the evening to avoid negative consequences. It all depends on the plant. Some flowerpots are suitable for morning watering, while others are suitable for evening watering.

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