Miss Ukraine Universe Apanasenko confessed why she hides her husband's name and answered whether they will have a wedding

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Victoria Apanasenko explained why she hides her husband's name

Victoria Apanasenko, the representative of Ukraine at the prestigious Miss Universe pageant, is now officially a wife. The model got married on March 23, although, according to the beauty herself, they plan to get married in the future. Victoria also plans to reveal the identity of her now-husband, but she is still afraid to do so.

The fact is that after taking part in the international competition, Victoria faced a huge amount of hate and negativity from Russia. Now the model wants to protect her personal life and family from all this dirt. She spoke about this in the new issue of the ZhVL programme.

Apanasenko recalled how the representative of the terrorist country at Miss Universe, Anna Linnikova, stirred up a scandal when a Ukrainian woman did not want to be photographed next to her. It was a clear provocation, which the beauty from Chernihiv did not fall for, thus causing a flurry of indignation in the Russian media.

"She (Linnikova - Ed.) later said through her supervisors that she had a nervous breakdown, that I and Miss Switzerland were not communicating with her... Russian pseudo-journalists are still writing that Ukraine has 'disgraced itself' with the national costume, and there is a lot of hate about my appearance," Apanasenko said.


After such an unpleasant experience, Victoria decided that she would definitely protect her personal life from such negativity.

"This is one of the reasons. I think that over time, of course, I will tell who it is. But for now, I don't want this hate to go to my family," said Miss Ukraine Universe.


His beloved proposed to the model immediately after the contest. They started preparing for the wedding, but in the end they just got married in one of the capital's registry offices. The couple postponed all the wedding arrangements for later. And the "bride-wife" still hasn't decided on a dress.


"I have tried on 100% more than 500 dresses. And I still don't know which wedding dress I like," Victoria laughed.

Recall that the lovers legalised their relationship in Kyiv. Apanasenko did not share any other details. She only showed her shoes - lacquered beige pumps - and a delicate bridal bouquet.

Recall that Victoria Apanasenko surprised the audience and the jury at Miss Universe with her appearance in a chic symbolic outfit called Warrior of Light during the demonstration of national costumes. In addition, the Ukrainian's evening dress became a sensation in a matter of hours. Black became a symbol of the dark times for Ukraine, and a long blue and yellow train complemented the look.

It is worth noting that Victoria managed to win one of the main awards of the competition - the Spirit of Carnival Award. Read about it in our article.

In addition, for the first time in history, Ukraine won the Best National Costume nomination at Miss Universe. Viewers from all over the world voted for Victoria Apanasenko and her Warrior of Light outfit.

As OBOZREVATEL previously wrote, Apanasenko admitted that she believed in the humanity of her rival from the terrorist country of the Russian Federation, Anna Linnikova, until the last moment. The beauty from Chernihiv assumed that the Russian woman would approach her and apologise for the actions of her homeland without any officialdom, but, as expected, this did not happen. Read more about the conversation with the Russian representative here.

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