Microfrench will be the main trend in 2023: the best manicure ideas. Photo.

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Microfrench will be the main trend in 2023

Every girl knows what a French manicure is. It is a classic that, in the minds of many, has become a "relic of the past" and has lost its relevance. However, in 2023, microfrench promises to become one of the most popular nail art techniques. To put it simply, it is the same as a standard jacket, but with a slight difference in the form of atypically thin lines on the edge of the nail.

Microfrench is a sophisticated and well-groomed look for your nails, which can be easily styled with any look and for any event, from going to the office to a festive corporate party. At the same time, this technique is an opportunity to stay in trend. OBOZREVATEL has collected several ideas for French micromanicure that will appeal to every fashionista.

A microfrench with a white painted nail tip is a standard, but not at all annoying option. Your fingers will look graceful, delicate, and, of course, as well-groomed as possible.


However, no one has cancelled the experiments with the palette of varnishes. If you want bright colours, make each nail a different shade. The main thing is that they should be combined with each other.


You can also use dark colours, but be careful in this matter so that the black, navy, or chocolate line does not look like dirt under the nails.

Among the unusual shades of varnish, you can also use bright pink, green, and blue. Or give preference to pastel colours, such as mint.


And for the New Year, you can look at shimmering shades: gold or silver. It will look unobtrusive, stylish and festive.


As wrote OBOZREVATEL, winter 2022-2023 in the world of nail art is marked by a return to the "pedestal of trends" refined, elegant and monochrome shades. So, the most popular and fashionable manicure color of the season was Malaga Wine - the color of Spanish red wine.

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