Megan Fox changed the shape of her nose, and Jolie changed the shape of her chest and cheekbones: 5 celebrities who had plastic surgery before the age of 30. Photos before and after

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Celebrities who changed their appearance at a young age.

Celebrities are constantly in the spotlight. That is why they are too critical of their own appearance. To get closer to the "ideal" parameters, they are ready to remove their ribs, inject their faces with Botox, enlarge their breasts, tighten their eyelids, etc.

In addition, celebrities resort to plastic surgery to earn higher fees and become more confident in their own beauty. And often, star beauties take this step before reaching the age of 30. Read more about them in the OBOZREVATEL article.

1. Angelina Jolie

American actress, fashion model and director Angelina Jolie has a naturally textured face. However, the star felt that she needed to be perfect. At a young age, she underwent breast surgery and rhinoplasty several times. Jolie also slightly corrected the shape of her plump lips with fillers and removed Bisha lumps, which gave her face softer features.


2. Lisa Kudrow

American actress Lisa Kudrow, best known for her role as Phoebe Buffett in the TV series Friends, had plastic surgery at the age of 16. She wanted to change the shape of her nose to help her build a successful acting career. After another surgical intervention, the oval of the celebrity's face also changed significantly.


3. Bella Hadid

The American supermodel Bella Hadid began to conquer the world catwalks as a teenager thanks to her high stature. But this did not help her get rid of her complexes because of her "imperfect" nose, in her opinion. The star decided to undergo rhinoplasty when she was 14. Although everything went well, Bella now regrets it, as she believes she should have kept the shape she inherited genetically.


4. Celine Dion

Canadian singer and one of the highest paid musicians of our time, Celine Dion, went under the knife at a young age. In order to improve the natural contours of her face, she decided to undergo rhinoplasty, bite changes, and correction of the lower jawline and chin.


5. Megan Fox

At the age of 21, American actress and model Megan Fox changed the shape of her nose three times, as a result of which the back of the nose was narrowed, the tip was raised and the hump was removed. The nose began to look noble. Soon after, the star went back to the surgeons to change the lower third of her face. Now the contours have become clearer and more expressive.


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