Manicure at home: 9 mistakes that many women make

Women make mistakes in home manicure without noticing them

Does your home manicure not last long and look not very neat? Maybe you just make mistakes without even noticing them. Over time, the constant problems with your home manicure get boring and the desire to have well-groomed nails remains a dream.

But if you're serious about improving your at-home manicure, Southern Living has compiled 9 top mistakes to avoid. Correct them and your nails will look well-groomed and healthy.

Manicure at home: 9 mistakes that many women make

Skipping the base or top coat

It's tempting to want to make the manicure process quick, but if you want a smooth finish, you should apply a base coat. It will protect against unwanted chips and breaks. A similar method of top coat fixes the varnish to make it last longer. In particular, it is worth paying attention to the edges of the nails to ensure a long-lasting beautiful look.

Cutting cuticles

No matter how much you want to cut your cuticles, it is better to leave this work to professionals. After all, this way you can get an infection through possible wounds and your nails will look untidy. Instead, Southern Living advises to carefully push back the cuticles. The easiest way to do this is to steam the skin with warm water.

Manicure at home: 9 mistakes that many women make

Applying a thick layer of varnish

A thick layer of varnish is the most common mistake in applying a coating. The publication advises covering the entire nail in three movements: in the middle, then on the sides. This will help to evenly distribute the product and prevent the varnish from spreading. If it is difficult to master this technique, you should try it with a clear polish.

Ignoring the tips of your nails

This can be the first reason why nails chip and break. After you have applied a varnish or top coat to each nail, be sure to walk along the edge of the nail.

Manicure at home: 9 mistakes that many women make

Skip the basic preparation

To maximize the longevity of your manicure, make sure you do the prep work. Clean, file, and polish your nails to get rid of dirt and grease and create a surface on which the polish can adhere. This is as important during a home manicure as it is in a salon, writes Southern Living.

File your nails incorrectly

Nails can be accidentally damaged by filing them too sharply. This can be checked by the fact that the tips begin to peel and flake. The publication recommends starting at each corner of the nail and working your way to the center in one quick motion.

Manicure at home: 9 mistakes that many women make

Hot shower or dishwashing immediately after manicure

The first two hours after coloring are the most important, so it's important to avoid physical and chemical exposure. Your manicure needs time to dry. If you expose your nails to hot water, the varnish will soften and instantly make the coating susceptible to damage. Southern Living also advises not to go to bed with a freshly done manicure, as it can rub off during sleep.

Shaking the bottle of nail polish

This practice does more harm than good. By shaking the bottle, the polish mixes with air, which is then transferred to the nail during painting. Before you start doing your manicure, simply roll the bottle between your hands to make sure the polish is properly mixed.

Manicure at home: 9 mistakes that many women make

Lack of hand moisturizing

Nails and cuticles need moisturizing. Some products can damage and dry them out. Therefore, use cuticle oil to moisturize your nails and skin. This will help the varnish last longer and strengthen the coating.

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