Makes short nails look longer: the main secrets of the Italian manicure that delighted fashionistas. Photo.

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Italian manicure has become popular in the world

The Italian manicure technique is a real salvation for beauties with short nail plates. You can forget about nail extensions with acrylic or tips if you discover a simple secret of Italian women.

It lies in the unusual application of nail polish. The editors of Vogue told us about the popular technique that has captivated fashionistas around the world (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Italian manicure will help you create the illusion of a long nail without additional materials. To achieve the desired result, you will need a thin brush and a little attention to detail.


The secret of the described technique is to paint the nail with varnish, avoiding the edges. Thus, there should be some space on both sides, which will make the design visually narrower and longer. Do not forget about the cuticle: the cleaner the nail, the better the Italian technique will work.

Italian design looks best with dark colours. Black, blue, burgundy, and green shades will help to visually "stretch" the nail. The same life hacks are used when choosing clothes.


First, apply the polish to the centre of the nail, and then slowly stretch it. At the edges, it is better to stop and remove the residue with a clean brush. Leaving the same distance on the side, you can enjoy the result.


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