Make-up works wonders: how a visit to a make-up artist can change women beyond recognition. Before and after photos

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Make-up has incredible power and can sometimes change a girl's face so much that when we look at comparative photos, we doubt that they are the same person. With a professional make-up artist, a woman will never think about going to a plastic surgeon.

OBOZREVATEL has made a selection of impressive changes of the fair sex, who just turned to a make-up artist for help (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

If you don't like bright colours and prefer nude shades in your makeup, consider a classic commercial makeup look. Naturalness will be at its peak in 2023. You should get rid of 5D eyelash extensions, facial piercings, and long acrylic nails.

If you want to shine, then a make-up artist will be able to turn you into a Hollywood star with a brush and cosmetics, like the girls in the photos below.


We continue to share contrasting photos. Just a few cosmetic products will turn you into a femme fatale.


Recently, OBOZREVATEL reported what details will spoil your look and make it "cheap". In addition to extended nails and eyelashes, beaded bracelets also went out of fashion. To learn more about anti-trends for 2023, read our article.

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