Lunar eclipse on October 28: what is the danger

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Lunar eclipse on October 28: what is the danger

On October 28, 2023, a lunar eclipse will take place, with its peak phase observed in Ukraine at 23:14. A few words about its impact and what you should and should not do on this day.

A lunar eclipse usually completes the cosmic phenomenon of the "Eclipse Corridor", which consists of a solar eclipse, the midpoint between eclipses, and a lunar eclipse. The last lunar eclipse was on October 14, and the midpoint was on October 21.

It is believed that the sun's radiation is a source of spiritual energy and inner strength. It affects the spiritual potential of a person. The Moon redirects the rays of the Sun and other celestial bodies to the Earth, and therefore the light of the Moon ensures the development of material events (health, luck, prosperity, cash flow, rhythms in nature and in the organisms of living beings, etc.)

In fact, many natural phenomena depend on the Moon's gravitational and luminous influence. For example, the tides in the ocean, human mental states, the ebb and flow of creativity, and, most interestingly, the majority of births occur on the Full Moon.

During a lunar eclipse, our planet covers the Moon from the Sun, so the Moon's light influence decreases. It is believed that this phenomenon can have a negative impact on the financial situation.

In order to overcome the negative influence and redirect it to the positive, almost all cultures of our planet perform many rituals. The simplest one is this.

15 minutes before the peak phase of the eclipse (from 22:59), a mirror is placed on the table. It will symbolize the Sun, Earth, Moon, and the Zodiac Circle. In addition, the mirror should "reflect" destructive energies from the one who performs the rite, if any. Three glasses of water are placed around the mirror, usually in a triangle around the mirror. Then, within 15 minutes, we erase the negative ("diseases are gone, obstacles have disappeared, stagnation is over," etc.). This can be said internally or in a whisper.

During the peak phase of the eclipse (at 23:14), you can recite the mantra of any divine feminine power from any spiritual tradition. In the Vedic traditions, it is "Aum Sri Magapralaya Namaha". Or more simply: "Adima".

Then, within 15 minutes (until 23:29), a positive is created ("I have health, I have good luck, the paths are free, I have wealth, I have strength," etc.) After the rite is completed, the water is drunk from the glasses. First from the one on the left, then from the one in the middle, and then from the one on the right.

During the days of the eclipse (now on October 28 and 29), it is not advisable to start your own business, get married, or fill out important papers. However, it is safe to continue those things that began long before the eclipse, as well as to complete old projects.

Lunar eclipse on October 28: what is the danger

The eclipse of the Moon on October 28 will cause very tense situations within and between people, as more than ten celestial bodies and star chart nodes form oppositions. The influence of nebulae on the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars is lengthening, causing uncertainty in decisions and poor understanding of events. However, the influence of the constellation Pleiades (Stozhary, Seven Sisters) and the star Arcturus on important celestial bodies and nodes in the star chart will stabilize situations and events, keeping them in balance.

In general, if we do not succumb to the "provocations" of the destructive energies of the eclipse, but remain calm and confident, we can easily overcome the dangerous effects of the eclipse and turn it into a positive one.

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