Living now: why you shouldn't postpone life in times of war

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Living now: why you shouldn't postpone life in times of war

In today's world, filled with routine tasks and constant challenges, the concept of "living in the future" often becomes our guiding principle. However, when there is a real war in Ukraine, many of us experience the syndrome of life deferred. My name is Iryna Shenier, I am a psychologist and crisis counselor, and in this article, I will tell you how to find the signs of delayed life syndrome and how to cope with it.

Signs of this insidious condition can manifest themselves in various aspects of a person's behavior and emotions.

The "symptoms" of a life delay are.

1. Lack of passion:

A person loses interest in things that used to bring them joy or pleasure. A lack of passion and enthusiasm may indicate that a person is not living fully in the present.

2. Frequent procrastination:

A person may constantly postpone decisions, plans, and actions, putting them off to the future. This may be due to fear of uncertainty or lack of confidence in their abilities.

3. Constantly waiting for the "perfect" moment:

A person may postpone their plans or dreams too often, waiting for the "perfect" moment, which unfortunately will never come.

4. Lack of goals and planning:

If a person does not have clear goals and does not develop plans for the future, this may indicate a lack of activity in the present life.

5. Emotional detachment:

A person may feel emotionally detached from others, and indifferent to events that would have been important to them before.

6. Fear and uncertainty:

Life on hold may be associated with fear of uncertainty or lack of self-confidence.

7. Lack of satisfaction from achievements:

If a person has achieved certain results but does not feel satisfied with these achievements, it may be a sign that they do not value the present moment.

If you experience or observe these signs in yourself or someone else, it may be helpful to seek professional counseling or consider making positive changes in your life.

Why is now not the time to live a life of procrastination?

1. Uncertainty of the future:

War conditions create unpredictability and uncertainty. The realization of the plans we may have made for the future is in jeopardy. Life in the future can no longer be an unconditional guarantee, and that is why it is important to be able to live now.

2. The value of the moment:

War reminds us of the value of every moment. The psychologist adds that life is postponed when we hope for a better future without realizing that the present is the best future. Every moment is worth learning to appreciate.

3. Shared responsibility:

In crucial moments, such as during war, the tendency to postpone life becomes a shared challenge. The shared responsibility to society and the collective effort to overcome challenges highlight the significance of each day.

4. Life as support:

Life cannot be postponed when there is a need to support each other. In times of war, public support and mutual assistance become the basis of stability. Living now means actively helping and being a support for those who need it.

Life in war does not allow for a postponed approach. Every day has its own weight and importance. The feeling of postponed life can be overcome by actively participating in the life of the present, supporting each other and understanding that right now we can influence our lives and the lives of others.

If you postpone your life until later, you lose control and feel powerless, especially when there is war and stress around. That's why it's important to have plans and goals. Goals are like light in the darkness. They show you where to go and why to wake up every day. They make life meaningful and fill it with joy. Live now, because this is the meaning of a full life.

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