Like Hachiko: which dog breeds are the most loyal

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Greyhounds, Saint Bernards and Chihuahuas show loyalty in different ways, but they are equally loyal

Dog lovers unanimously say that what they value most about their animals is their ability to love unconditionally. But is canine loyalty an innate trait or is it more of a result of upbringing? And which dog breeds are the most loyal?

Certified dog trainer Curtis Kelly answered these questions for Daily Paws. According to him, the level of a dog's loyalty is a combination of its natural need to live in a pack and what the owner and trainers have invested in it. The main indicator of loyalty is the dog's tendency to choose you over any other activity or person. The most loyal ones are ready to give up anything to be with their owners. This trait can be developed by positive reinforcement of the desired behaviour. Here are a dozen breeds that lend themselves best to such training because of their innate love of people.


Despite their rather menacing appearance, Rottweilers are a real cuddle toy by nature. They are wholeheartedly devoted to their family, especially if they have been raised in it since childhood and have been properly socialised. These hardy and intelligent working dogs are indeed very sensitive and do not like to be left alone at home.


These babies have so much loyalty in them that it's hard to imagine how it can fit into such a tiny body. Chihuahuas adore physical contact with their people and are ready to sit in your arms for days on end. They are ready to stay close to their owners, come at the first call and protect them from any danger.

German Shepherd Dog

If dogs could write different textbooks and manuals for each other, German Shepherds would be the most successful authors of works on loyalty. There are many heroic stories about this quality of the breed. They are ready to do literally anything for their human, even sacrifice their lives. Train and love the German Shepherd and it will become your best friend forever.

Cocker Spaniel

An intelligent animal with the world's kindest eyes and softest ears will be happy to do anything with you. A Cocker Spaniel will be happy to make friends with your children, cats, and even neighbours to make you happy.

Labrador retriever

The loyalty of this breed has kept it at the top of the list of the most popular dogs in the United States for an incredible 30 years. It is a balanced, loyal and intelligent friend that will do almost anything with its owner. Adventures? Yes! Psychological support? Of course! Rescue from scary shadows on the wall? Definitely!

Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog

This breed was once called the royal dog in France. Pyrenees can be very independent, but they still eventually return to their human, whom they adore with all their hearts. Proper upbringing can make this trait an absolute.

St Bernard

A faithful furry companion has a huge heart, all the space in which it is happy to give to its people. In addition to their loyalty, St Bernards are incredibly patient and at the same time very intelligent and easy to train.


Of all the greyhounds, greyhounds are probably the most affectionate. They will run at a speed of 40 kilometres per hour to cuddle with you immediately and lie at your feet until you are properly rested to play together again. A Greyhound's favourite pastime is to put its head on its owner's lap and enjoy being petted.

Akita Inu

Hachiko was of this breed. Therefore, the Akita's loyalty is not just a fait accompli, it is a legend. These dogs are 110% devoted to their people, playful and affectionate with them. And sometimes they can even be jealous of other animals and people in the environment. But with the right approach to education, this problem is easily solved.

Golden retriever

At first glance, it seems that these dogs want love from everyone. But this is because of their innate tendency to be the centre of attention. In fact, Golden Retrievers always prefer their people and would not trade the chance to spend time with them for anything.

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