Lightning-fast operation: Jaeger-paratroopers attacked the occupiers near Avdiivka and forced them to flee with losses. Video.

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Ukrainian Armed Forces recapture an important height, enemy command is shocked

Jaeger-paratroopers from the 71st Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces conducted a lightning assault near Avdiivka, attacking the enemy and capturing their positions on a strategically important height. More than a dozen invaders were eliminated, while four threw down their arms and fled the battlefield.

The coordinated work of artillery, attack aircraft and UAV operators did the trick - half a kilometre of enemy positions was captured in three hours. Our soldiers were moving so fast that the enemy did not have time to aim the artillery, according to the Fakty news story (to watch the video, scroll down to the end).


The battle for the hill, which the enemy had captured in the summer and from which they were covering Ukrainian positions with heavy fire, began at dawn. The artillery was preparing for it.

"This is an important line for the enemy. We knew that there were machine guns, a lot of firing points, and that there could be at least 20 enemy soldiers," said the deputy commander of the 3rd company of the 71st Brigade, call sign "Cap".


The task was extremely difficult - the occupiers had managed to fortify 500 metres of trenches quite strongly. According to the defenders, there were closed gaps, dugouts, and concrete bunkers, so "surprises" could be expected at every turn.

In order to recapture these positions, our paratroopers played a "multi-move" game. They split into groups, and when our artillery subsided, the fighters were already near the enemy's trenches.


"We moved very quickly, carefully, quietly and unnoticed. They didn't even realise we were there," said a fighter with the call sign "Krasyn".

In each of the trenches, a separate battle broke out with grenades and machine gun fire. The assault came as a complete surprise to the occupiers, and some of them immediately lost their nerve - they threw down their weapons and fled. One of them did not even have time to put on a helmet.


"There was no fear, I knew that my comrades were following me and would have my back," the Kalush fighter recalled.

The paratroopers advanced trench by trench.

"We were moving so fast that their artillery simply did not have time to aim. So we were advancing, and they were working from behind," says Krasyn.


The soldiers stormed the LFP (long-range firing point), where a Russian machine gunner was holed up, but due to heavy fire, they could not get closer than 5 metres to him. Then Krasyn decided to take the LFP from the attic:

"I saw a pipe from a stove. The heat is coming out, it's working, so there is ventilation. I took off the cover, threw a grenade in there, as I understood it, everything was stacked with ammunition. And then it started exploding..."

The assault lasted for almost three hours.


The occupation command, which was watching the battle from its drones, was clearly confused.

"They were wondering what kind of special forces were assaulting them," the defenders say.

"During the assault, our soldiers lost one of their men. Another was wounded - the price of liberating every metre of our homeland is extremely high, but our defenders are steadfastly continuing the fight.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- According to the General Staff, during the day in the Avdiivka sector, the enemy conducted unsuccessful offensives in the areas of Novokalynove, Pivdenne, Vodiane, Pervomaiske and Nevelske and fired at more than 15 settlements. The enemy is also focusing attacks on the Lyman, Bakhmut and Maryinka directions.

- In Avdiivka, the number of people wishing to evacuate has recently increased due to constant enemy air strikes. People are also tired of living without gas, electricity and water.

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