Lasts all day: five winter makeup secrets you need to know

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The main rule of winter makeup is to moisturize the skin

Winter and summer are a real test for our skin. In the heat, the cosmetics on our face literally melt, and in the cold, the skin dries out and turns red. It's especially difficult to create makeup that will last through snowfall. But if you know a few life hacks, which will be discussed below, you will not consider the task of making long-lasting winter makeup impossible.

OBOZREVATEL has put together five tips for you that will make you love the cold season and look your best even in severe frosts.

1. Dense tone and masking redness

Before applying foundation to your face, you need to prepare your skin. Make a moisturizing mask or use a moisturizer. After this procedure, spread the foundation well on your face. If you have localized redness in certain areas of your face, apply concealer to these areas beforehand.

Lasts all day: five winter makeup secrets you need to know

2. Powder on top of the foundation

After a thick layer of foundation, "cover" it with powder. This will create a "thermal layer" between the skin and the outside world and ensure the stability of the foundation.

3. Waterproof or heat-resistant mascara

In winter, many people experience increased tearing due to wind and frost. Therefore, cosmetics labeled "water resistant" will be very relevant. As an option, you can buy thermal mascara - this product is washed off only with water, the temperature of which should be above 38 degrees.

4. Gel-based eyeliner

Gel pencils are ideal not only for creating trendy shaded arrows and smoky eye makeup, but also for keeping your makeup in place in winter. They are better than others to withstand the test of frost.

Lasts all day: five winter makeup secrets you need to know

5. Lip balm instead of gloss

The ideal option for winter is a balm that will moisturize and care for the skin of the lips. If you want something new and spectacular, use a lipstick with a creamy texture, applying a little powder for a matte effect, or lip balm for a shiny effect.

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