Laser hair removal: what cosmetologists won't tell you about

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Laser hair removal: what cosmetologists won't tell you about

Laser hair removal is becoming increasingly popular around the world; the vast majority of young and middle-aged women and an increasing number of men are undergoing the procedure.

As its popularity has grown, so has the number of establishments providing the service: from serious clinics to "beauticians" who perform the procedure at home.

Today we're going to figure out how to choose the right laser hair removal technician, what requirements the client should have for the device, and what intervals should be taken between procedures.

First of all, let's debunk a few myths

Myth one: the procedure is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating mothers

Many equipment manufacturers and beauty salon employees list pregnancy and lactation as contraindications. In fact, this can only be an indirect contraindication. The warning is that during the procedure, the client may be hurt and, for example, may lose milk due to severe fright.

I think that in the conditions of war and constant rocket attacks because of the "porebrik", there is something to be afraid of besides laser hair removal. So, it's like that saying when you blow on water.

Myth two: you can't sunbathe for two to three weeks before the procedure and the same amount of time afterwards

To be honest, the result on tanned skin may be slightly worse than on completely white skin, but skipping the procedure will cause much more damage to the result than the procedure performed after a trip to the sea. As for the warnings against tanning after the procedure, including the appearance of age spots, you just need to do the procedure on the latest high-quality equipment and there will be no pigmentation associated with tanning.

Myth three: you can't change the device

This is what those beauticians say who are afraid of losing a client -:)

In fact, you can change the device, and you should replace a low-quality one with a high-quality one. If you don't see any results after the first or at most the second procedure, you should choose another salon or clinic.

So, we've analyzed the most popular myths that have nothing to do with reality. Now let's talk about what is really important when preparing for hair removal.

Exclude the shugaring procedure and do not pluck hair

Laser hair removal is the exact opposite of shugaring: you need to come to the procedure having shaved the appropriate areas of your body. For the procedure to be effective, it is important that the hair follicle is not damaged, as this is when the laser will penetrate it and destroy the hair. Therefore, after the procedure of hair removal or self-pulling, you should wait 2 weeks before undergoing laser hair removal.

Warn the clinic about taking antibiotics

Certain groups of antibiotics in combination with laser can provoke pigmentation. Therefore, a professional specialist must warn the client: if you have taken antibiotics less than 10-14 days before the procedure, please tell us the name of the drug. And if the facility has a doctor, he or she will be able to determine which group a particular drug belongs to and whether it is possible to undergo the procedure immediately after it.

When to shave

I recommend shaving in the evening before the procedure. This way, the hair won't start growing in half a day, and at the same time, wounds will heal if you suddenly cut yourself while shaving, and irritation will disappear.

Be careful with vitamins

It's worth remembering that when you take vitamins, especially for hair growth, it grows not only on the head but also all over the body. In this case, the result of hair removal procedures will be spoiled.


At the beginning of the course, you need to make small intervals of 3-4 weeks, then gradually increase the interval by 1 week every 1-2 procedures. It should be understood that skipping procedures and long intervals between them negatively affect the result.

It shouldn't hurt

As the famous doctor Yevhen Komarovsky said: "The phrase 'be patient' is absolutely unacceptable in the medicine of the twenty-first century." It is even more so in cosmetology. If the laser hair removal procedure causes you unbearable pain and you even doubt whether you should continue the course, then my advice to you is to simply replace the salon. It may be painful because of the equipment of the last century or cheap low-quality devices.

So, laser hair removal is the most effective of all the procedures for removing unwanted hair, has almost no contraindications, and should be easy and painless.

Be healthy, beautiful and happy!

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