Ladyzhyn - a city of innovations: how the security of the future will look like was shown in the Vinnytsia region

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Smart city system implemented in Ladyzhyn

In Ladyzhyn, Vinnytsia Oblast police opened a state-of-the-art smart space that has no analogues in Ukraine. It has effectively implemented the concept of a safe environment using modern technology.

The presentation was attended by the Vinnytsia Oblast leadership, MPs, and local business representatives who were actively involved in the project. Ihor Volokitenko, Deputy Head of the Vinnytsia Oblast Police, spoke about the system's functions. He talked to the guests, answered questions and explained why this system is important for Ukraine.

The presentation hall was divided into two large locations. In one, modern inventions (smartphones, cameras, sensors) were demonstrated, which are already making life easier and safer for Ukrainians. In the other part, the main functions of the Smart City system were explained using 3D modelling technology.

According to Vinnytsia law enforcement officers, the installed CCTV cameras and sensors record various events around the clock and transmit data to the newly created situation centre in real time.


By the way, the smart centre looks quite futuristic: transparent glass (the concept of open space is not only fashionable but also practical), state-of-the-art monitors and control systems. However, this is not its highlight. The analytical (brain) server is the heart of the smart city. Vinnytsia police say that the smart system is their know-how. Everything was done locally - from the concept to writing software and setting up algorithms.

It is thanks to software that processes large amounts of information that the system is able to: scan faces, detect fires from a distance, search for lost people (special attention was paid to finding missing children), warn of dangerous objects, detect unusual human behaviour (if a passerby suddenly feels unwell) and track potential offenders, both motorists and pedestrians.


The most interesting thing is that even a change of clothes or a covered face will not allow the offender to avoid responsibility. Round-the-clock video monitoring covers the streets of the community, hospitals, colleges, schools and preschools.

The most interesting thing is that commercial cameras can also be connected to the Smart City system. The main thing is the desire of the owners of a particular building. This way, the network can be expanded.


The security situation in the city is monitored not only by cameras and sensors. Special drones allow you to quickly get images from areas that are difficult to reach by land. A huge advantage of these drones is that they are fast - they can fly quickly to any corner of the city - and autonomous - after completing a task, they return to a special base on their own to recharge the battery.

The car with the Wanted Detection System was of particular interest to the guests of the presentation. It is also an exclusive development of the Vinnytsia region police. The car allows you to scan number plates and immediately display all the information on the police officer's tablet. This means that when stopping an offender, the law enforcement officer will have all the data to properly build a dialogue with the citizen.


The guests were also surprised by the VR system - the so-called virtual reality. Many of those present had a question: why does the police need VR? The guests were explained that, for example, this technology can help an investigation team to be at the scene of an incident hundreds of kilometres away and assist in the investigation. A police officer puts on a virtual reality helmet, and a camera is in place to transmit 360-degree video online.


Mobile devices are a separate topic of discussion. For example, from now on, a community police officer (thanks to a tablet connected to the smart grid) will be able to view online video from surveillance cameras, statistics, archive records, analytics and identify problematic issues in the community and resolve them promptly.

During the presentation, the guests were introduced to innovations that will improve the lives of citizens. This is a remote traffic control system that helps to relieve the streets during rush hours. Smart car parks speed up the process of finding a free parking space using a special app and sensors that monitor the availability of parking spaces online. Air quality and silence analysers, sound scanners. The latter are able to detect cries for help or gunshots and immediately alert law enforcement to the incident.

During an informal conversation with law enforcement officials, the guests of the presentation were actively interested in the possibility of implementing Smart City technology in their communities. Ivan Ishchenko, Head of the Vinnytsia Oblast Main Police Department, stressed that this system is the future of Smart City and will be implemented throughout the region, with the system soon to be launched in Mohyliv-Podilskyi and Vinnytsia. He added that the unique architecture used in the construction of the Smart City system will significantly reduce the costs of community development and improve the interaction between local authorities and law enforcement.

In the end, the organisers and guests of the event agreed that this system is the future. It can already reduce the number of crimes and prevent many emergencies tomorrow, so that Ukrainians can live under a safe and peaceful sky.

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