"It's very serious": Skabeeva panics over NATO's plans to reinforce border with Russia with up to 300,000 troops Video

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Propagandist Skabeeva's ''expert'' breaks down on air

On the air of Russian propagandist Olga Skabeeva, the so-called "expert" panicked over the deployment of NATO soldiers on the border with Russia. In particular, NATO plans to strengthen its grouping of troops on the eastern flank by deploying up to 300,000 troops.

Ukrainian politician Oleksiy Honcharenko posted a video with propagandists who are seriously panicked by NATO's plans to strengthen its border with Russia. Thus, another "expert" broke down on the air of a propaganda show.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for Russian propaganda mouthpieces to claim that the war launched by Russia on the territory of Ukraine is going according to plan, given the new circumstances.

For example, during the propaganda show, a so-called "expert" said that the deployment of 300,000 soldiers by the Alliance on the border with Russia "is already very serious".

"Skabeeva's on-air performance is not good at all. Another 'expert', who is practising all the techniques, broke down. She says that there will now be 300,000 NATO soldiers near the border with Russia.

But Putin started this invasion so that there would be no NATO soldiers near the Russian border. The average viewer of Russian TV, who is washing clothes in the river, will not be reminded of this. After all, Putin knows better what to do, because they are little people," Honcharenko wrote on his Telegram.

As a reminder, Dmytro Kuleba responded to Lavrov's nuclear threats and told whom Russia should fear the most. The Ukrainian diplomat believes that the Kremlin's nuclear blackmail is just "empty talk". He also noted that the only threat to Russia is the Ukrainian soldier.

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