It's high time to forget: 6 dresses that went out of fashion and became anti-trends in 2023. Photo.

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6 dresses have become anti-trend

It is hard to imagine a more feminine wardrobe item than a dress. A romantic outfit can help you create an elegant look for work, a party or a simple walk, or it can reveal the wearer's bad taste.

To avoid a fashion failure, you need to look at new items, shows and analyse your wardrobe for anti-trends from time to time. OBOZREVATEL has decided to tell you which dresses no longer look relevant (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Dress with a fake collar

Any outfit that used to be decorated with a white collar accessory no longer looks stylish. It will spoil the style and reveal ignorance of fashion trends.


Dress with a basque

The basque dress, which was ultra-popular many years ago, looks outdated today. It is better to abandon such massive details in favour of something simpler.


Sweater dress

A tight-fitting sweater dress is also a bad option. It is better to replace it with a more spacious model.


Lace dress

Lace is a very elegant and expensive detail in an outfit, so it is better to add less of it and choose high-quality material.


Wing sleeves

Loose sleeves, which seem to make dresses look romantic, will be irrelevant in 2023.


Tulip dress

An outdated style that emphasises the hips is best avoided in the new season. The tulip skirt no longer looks stylish.


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