Is it possible to machine wash leather gloves and how to remove stains: useful tips

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Gloves in winter are the second skin of our hands, so they need to be cleaned thoroughly

Leather gloves have not gone out of style for many years and probably never will. This is a very comfortable and stylish winter accessory that, depending on the lining, can also be very warm.

Like any other thing in our wardrobe, they need care. Especially considering that gloves act as a second skin of our hands in winter, and we all remember how important hygiene of this part of the body is. BOSCA leather goods brand has shared tips on how to care for this wardrobe item to keep them clean and not spoil them.

Cleaning the outside

The glove care process is divided into two parts: external and internal cleaning. Washing the leather from the outside is a rather delicate process because choosing a product that is too harsh can dry out the leather, make it rough and unplastic, and ruin the color of the product. Therefore, experts advise using Marseille soap, a product made from vegetable oils with baking soda, or so-called saddle soap, which is used to wash saddles and other leather products.

To remove stains from the surface of gloves, it is better to use an aqueous solution of white vinegar in a 1:1 ratio. Take a cotton swab moistened with this solution and lubricate the gloves. After a minute, blot the treated area with a soft microfiber cloth and let it dry.

Then you can proceed directly to the cleaning process. To do this, use a cloth to lather the soap of your choice and apply the foam to your leather gloves, making sure that the soap gets between your fingers. Wipe the foam off the product with a damp microfiber cloth. This will not only completely remove the soap residue but also make your skin shine.

While the gloves are drying after washing, put them on several times to keep the leather supple and so that they do not lose its original shape. Do not try to dry the accessory with external heat or sunlight. When wet leather dries too quickly, gloves can become hard and brittle.

If you prefer, you can treat the product with any water-repellent after cleaning. This step is suitable for gloves made of both genuine and artificial leather, but not suede.

Cleaning the inside of gloves

Since gloves are lined with a wide variety of materials - silk, cashmere, wool, faux fur, fleece - leather goods manufacturers recommend that you have them cleaned by professionals. If you still want to do it yourself, remember the main rule: gloves should never be immersed in water. This means that washing in a washing machine is completely out of the question.

To clean gloves from the inside, do the following

  • turn the item inside out;
  • spray it with a mixture of water and vinegar in a 1:1 ratio so that the liquid only moistens the material;
  • leave the solution to work for 20 minutes;
  • dry the gloves in a cool, well-ventilated area, avoiding additional heat sources or direct sunlight;
  • turn the product back to the front side and gently pull to restore them to their original shape; the leather can be treated with a special conditioner.

If for some reason you don't like the idea of vinegar cleaning, the manufacturer recommends using a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide, which is sold at any pharmacy, or medical alcohol.

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