Is it okay to cut peduncle in an orchid: rules that few people know about

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You need to remove peduncle from orchids according to certain clear rules

An orchid peduncle is a very energy-consuming organ. Therefore, some flower owners consider it necessary to cut off extra peduncles if the plant has produced more than one. It is also believed that sick, frail and dried parts should be removed.

Flower experts have their own advice on removing peduncle from orchids. OBOZ.UA asked them for their opinion.

When you don't need to cut the peduncle

Contrary to fears that the second flower shoot will take too much strength from the plant, it does not need to be removed. This behavior means that the orchid is doing well and has enough resources. Only if, after forcing out several peduncle, it begins to dry, turn yellow, and have problems with the roots, you can think about the procedure.

It is also worth leaving this part on the phalaenopsis. It is on the peduncle that they grow children and you can propagate your flower in this way.

In general, if the flower looks good and healthy, there is no need to help it with additional pruning. It will reject the shoot itself when it dries up naturally.

When the procedure is necessary

If an orchid shows signs of exhaustion or illness, it needs to be allowed to rest and heal. To do this, first of all, remove the peduncle.

This part should be removed if the buds begin to dry and fall off. You won't be able to get healthy flowers in such conditions. It is better to give the plant a break.

An overgrown and unproductive peduncle can also be removed. This will help the orchid return to full flowering over time. But in this case, it should be removed only when the plant has faded.

How to cut an orchid peduncle

First of all, sterilize the tool. An orchid is very sensitive to infection introduced through a cut. Therefore, steam the scissors, secateurs, or knife or wipe it with alcohol.

Choose a sufficiently strong blade. Some orchids have a very dense peduncle structure and may require some force to cut. Sawing the shoot is not an option, as you can severely damage healthy tissue.

Also, make sure your tool is sharp. The sharper the blade, the less pressure you will have to put on the orchid's tissues, compressing its stem, and the less damage it will suffer.

Cut the peduncle at a height of about 1 centimeter from the ground. This will help you better monitor the condition of the plant and understand when it will bloom next. Also, in this way you will not damage the tubers and stems, which can be detrimental to the plant.

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