Irritable, overly fastidious and unfriendly to colleagues: 5 movie stars with a complicated personality

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Movie stars with a complicated personality

As one can understand from the numerous interviews, reviews by colleagues and assistants, many celebrities, whose names are known all over the world, despite their status and influence, remain simple and open-minded people. However, there is also a list of those stars, particularly actors, with whom directors and colleagues do not want to cooperate because of their bad character. They, taking advantage of their position, behave quite aggressively and demanding.

It is said that it is simply impossible to work with these scandalizers, because they put themselves above other actors, causing inconvenience to everyone on the set. OBOZREVATEL decided to talk about some of them.

Bill Murray


The world-famous actor is considered to be one of Hollywood's top scandals. And this status did not come to him after many years of work in the film industry, which one could try to write off to age and honor. Even as a young man, Murray threw real tantrums on movie sets. He had such a fight with the director of the cult film Groundhog Day that he didn't leave his trailer for three whole days. And during the filming of "Charlie's Angels" actor for some reason immediately disliked his colleagues - actress Lucy Liu and director McGee. Murray called Liew mediocrity and had a little fight with her, and he wished McGee "to die".

Gwyneth Paltrow


The people who work with this actress certainly don't envy her. The star is so finicky that she makes her assistant thoroughly wash and dry the shower at the gym she goes to every time, so her delicate skin doesn't God forbid that it touches the water. Insiders say that Paltrow has very high self-esteem. How else to explain the fact that in 2020 the actress launched the sale of candles with the scent of her own vagina? In addition, Gwyneth absolutely does not tolerate female competition. While working on "Iron Man" she said she did not want to be next to Scarlett Johansson, and forced the producers to schedule so that they do not intersect on the set.

Edward Norton


Because of the complex nature of the actor was not approved for the role of the Hulk in "The Avengers" Marvel Cinematic Universe, although he played a green superhero-hipster in "The Incredible Hulk" in 2008. Representatives of the star said that the studio and Norton could not agree on the amount of royalties, but at Marvel responded that the actor is "not willing and able to work in a team.

Lindsay Lohan


Perhaps now the actress has changed somewhat, but at the height of her popularity Lohan literally terrorized colleagues for their irresponsibility and spitting on the work of others. The star came to the set when she felt like it, and left exactly the same, even if the shooting is still going on. She could not leave her trailer for hours, if not days, despite requests from directors and other members of the team to come out.

Katherine Heigl


Actress rarely get roles, as directors simply save their nerves and do not want to mess with the celebrity because of its not the most benevolent nature. And that's putting it mildly. Heigl does not like the actors, the script, the location, the work of stylists and other members of the crew. The star can make a list of requirements, because she believes that it should be given special conditions. If they are not met, she refuses to go on the set. But after the shooting and the release of the picture on the screens, Heigl will never say anything good about this project.

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