Indoor plants that shield against negativity: act as "lightning rods"

Spiky cacti, along with flowering begonias and geraniums, excel in protecting the home's energy field

Indoor flowers protect your home from harmful substances in the air. And also from excessive moisture and unpleasant odors. People also believe that they can restrain the flow of negative energy and protect against the evil eye.

Of course, not all of them - only some plants can become real amulets. OBOZREVATEL looked into this issue and compiled a list.


These resilient succulents can not only absorb bad energy but also convert it into positive vibrations. They serve as a real lightning rod for negativity. Therefore, it is recommended to place cacti near doors and windows to create a real protective barrier.


An extremely spectacular ornamental plant is also a powerful neutralizer of any negative in the energy field. The closer the flowerpot with it is to the entrance, the stronger the protective effect. Begonia is also able to ease emotional tension between the inhabitants of the house and stop quarrels and conflicts, relieving stress.


Different types of aloe will be a good barrier against the energy of disease, which is why this succulent is good to place in homes where residents often suffer from health problems. Aloe will protect the biofield of the house and prevent extraneous magical influence from entering.


This aromatic herb is often grown in a flowerpot. And they are right to do so because its smell not only makes the atmosphere in the room more comfortable, but it also acts on the energy level. But it's better not to leave a pot of basil in rooms where people are resting because its smell and energy flow are very strong.


A flowering plant absorbs any negative vibes like a sponge, and it makes you feel even better. No vibrations of aggression, anger, or other negativity will get into the house where there is a pot of geraniums.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL talked about indoor plants that will take root in any home, regardless of the conditions.

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