In Russia, a pensioner is on trial for complimenting Zelensky: three people denounced her

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A Russian woman was fined 40 thousand rubles for a compliment to Zelensky

A 70-year-old Russian woman, Olga Slegina, was fined 40 thousand rubles by the Shcherbinsky Court in Moscow. The pensioner was tried for a conversation in the cafeteria of a sanatorium, where she spoke several phrases about Ukraine and complimented Zelensky.

This was reported in the Russian Telegram channel "Center Memorial". Yes, the woman was tried for discrediting the army under Article 20.3.3 of the CAO.

According to Olga Slegina herself, in December 2022 she was on vacation in a Russian sanatorium. During dinner in the dining room she struck up a conversation with several people, one of whom was a woman from Odessa. A humorous conversation about the correct pronunciation of the Ukrainian word "palyanitsa" began at the table. During the conversation, Olga also asked the man whether he was for Russia or Ukraine, without in any way recalling the war.

Thus, in a conversation with a waitress of the institution Olga said that "Zelensky is a good guy with a good sense of humor, everyone used to laugh at his jokes." The woman also asked the waitress: ""Do Ukrainians in your republic not shout, as we do in Moscow, 'Glory to Ukraine?"

The day after that, a man in civilian clothes came to Slegina's room. He told the woman that three people had gone to the police with statements noting that Olga "bragged about Zelensky". However, the woman claimed that it was only about the appearance of the President of Ukraine.

During the interrogation of the pensioner, who has vision problems, the police persuaded her to sign a report in which her words were twisted.

Thus, during the first court session the judge interrupted the woman's lawyer and showed with her behavior that she was against Slegina. At the beginning of the hearing the defense asked to postpone it, because the pensioner was under treatment by a neurologist and a therapist because of severe pain in her legs, which did not allow her to be present at the hearing. However, the judge said that the treatment is not a valid reason and said: "It's not like Sleghina is in intensive care. She is walking, alive and well."

Despite the objections of the lawyer that the reason for the absence of Slegina at the hearing was a valid reason, the judge said that the court had a different position on this issue. So, the court session was held without the accused, it lasted just over five minutes. Then the judge announced the decision: the woman was found guilty and charged with an administrative fine. The pensioner and her lawyer plan to file an appeal.

Recall, earlier in Russia, the procession of the "Immortal Regiment" on May 9 was cancelled. Russians wishing to take part in the action were encouraged to post photographs of their relatives who fought in World War II on the Internet.

Earlier, a number of Russian regions and temporarily occupied Crimea announced that there would be no military parades on May 9. Crimean Gauleiter Sergey Aksenov said that this was being done "for security reasons".

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