In Moscow they started looking for conscripts with the help of video surveillance cameras

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Conscripts in Moscow under the hood
Conscripts in Moscow under the hood

In Russia, the authorities use the Moscow video surveillance system to collect information about conscripts. The military committees of the Russian capital can use surveillance to determine the current place of residence of citizens in order to serve a summons.

Colonel Maxim Loktev, the military commissar of Moscow, admitted this when speaking to a propaganda news agency. "Moscow's video surveillance systems are used to determine a conscript's place of residence," he said.

In addition, on the instructions of the mayor of the Russian capital Sergey Sobyanin, organizations in which men work provide information to the military commissariats about their employees.

"Educational organizations help us determine where a draftee is studying," Loktev said. He stressed that with such information about the person, it would not be difficult to notify him or her to report to the military registration and enlistment office.

The colonel added that residence at a place other than the place of registration is the main reason for the failure of citizens to show up at the military registration office. Now this issue "is receiving a lot of attention," according to a Russian media article.

The spring call-up started in Russia on April 1, 2023. Published documents indicate that 147,000 people are to be drafted.

There is data in open sources that there are more than 221,000 cameras installed throughout Moscow under the control of the Department of Information Technology. The capital of the Russian Federation ranks 30th among the cities of the world with the highest number of video cameras per square meter.

They are integrated into one network. Since 2018, a facial recognition system has been in operation - in particular, to catch criminals, as Russian authorities claim.

Leading Roskomvoboda lawyer Sarkis Darbinyan previously stated: all documents regulating the procedure for obtaining access to Moscow's video surveillance system are marked "for official use" and are not shown to the general public.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- On April 14, dictator Vladimir Putin signed a law providing for the creation of a unified register of military records. The document makes it possible to notify military conscripts about their enlistment into the army by means of electronic summonses.

- Many Russians criticized the innovations and even compared "tightening the screws" to slavery.

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