In Antalya, women shorter than 160 cm were banned from going outside due to the storm: the network exploded with ironic comments

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In Antalya, women under 160 cm were banned from going out due to storm

A very strong storm has been battering Antalya, Turkey, for two days now. Wind gusts are reaching 70 metres per second, and the height of the waves on the beaches is up to 6-7 metres. In this regard, the governor has banned women shorter than 160 cm from going outside to avoid being blown away.

The authorities announced the ban on Twitter. This provoked dozens of ironic comments.

"Warning from the Governor's Office: Girls under 1.60 are prohibited from going out in Antalya due to the danger of flying," the post read.


The post received hilarious comments. In particular, local residents humorously wonder why no one took care of the safety of short men.

"Thank you very much for your concern, I was very afraid I would fly away," "Why only women? It's sexist!", "The men I see in Antalya who are 155 cm tall may not return home this evening because they will fly away," users write.

However, some Internet users concluded that the post was a prank, and there was no official ban from the authorities on this topic.

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