Imagine Dragons leader officially divorced his wife after 12 years of marriage: the couple has four children together

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Dan Reynolds officially divorced his wife

The leader of the famous American band Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds, and his wife, Aja Volkman, have officially divorced. The couple announced their separation back in September last year, but they had been married all this time. Fans believed that for more than six months the singer and his chosen one had changed their minds about divorce, but on April 18, the divorce documents were signed.

Reynolds and Volkman have been married for almost 12 years. They have four children together, whom they intend to raise together. The official breakup of the star couple was reported by TMZ.

"Being good parents to our children is our top priority. Thank you for your support and love," the musician said after the news of his separation from his wife.


It's worth noting that the couple planned to end their marriage back in 2018, but they managed to overcome the crisis in their relationship and keep their family together. Then the fans were stunned by the news of their separation in 2022. And now, in April of this year, the couple turned into ex-spouses.


The parents of many children are survived by their 10-year-old daughter Errov, 6-year-old twins Gia and Coco, and 3-year-old son Valentine.


According to rumours, Reynolds didn't stay single for long. Now he is allegedly dating actress Minka Kelly. They were repeatedly seen together on walks and dates, where they hugged each other. Fans speculate that Kelly was one of the reasons for the musician's breakup with the mother of his four children.

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