Illness is not a sentence! Beckham, Stallone and others: 6 celebrities raising special children. Photo.

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Celebrity parents with special children

No one is immune from having "special children". Despite the difficulties faced by the heroes of our selection, they do not make it a secret and talk about their experiences. Celebrities appear with their heirs in public. They set an example for many people.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you about celebrities who have become parents of children with special needs. They gave their children the happiest future and made them forget about the disease (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Victoria Beckham

In 2006, the wife of footballer David Beckham, Victoria, announced that her 4-year-old son Romeo had epilepsy. She was forced to tell about it when the kid became ill during an event. "He has epilepsy. All these camera flashes will cause an epileptic seizure. It's not good," the young mother told the photographer.


Sylvester Stallone

In 1985, the actor told People magazine that his son Sergio had been diagnosed with autism. "There is no real father-son relationship. With a child like that, you have to put your ego aside. I agree with everything he does. Sometimes he likes to draw, mostly abstract things, and he has puzzles that we work on together," the actor said. Today, Stallone's heir is 44 years old.


Colin Farrell

On 2 September 2003, the Irish actor's girlfriend Kim Bordenave gave birth to his son James. After a while, the couple broke up, but the star said that he would provide for the child for life. Later, Pharrell admitted more than once that the heir was a real gift of fate, because it was he who changed his whole life. In 2007, Colin announced that his son suffered from Angelman syndrome. This pathology is characterised by such signs as mental retardation, sleep disturbances, seizures, chaotic movements, frequent laughter or smiles.


Catherine Scorsone

The 41-year-old Canadian actress Scorsone has three daughters. The middle girl, Paloma, who turned 6 at the end of 2022, was born with Down syndrome. "All I knew about Down syndrome was that people were afraid of it, so I decided that I should be too. But there is no standard, objective, perfect person. The indicators of perfection are arbitrary and imposed by those who meet them. My daughter is perfect. Exactly the way she is," Catherine once said in an interview.


Gary Cole

In 1995, American actor Gary Cole's two-year-old daughter Mary was diagnosed with autism. Since then, Cole has been actively involved in the work of charities for children with this condition. By the way, since 1992, the celebrity has been married to actress Teddy Siddall, who gave birth to his heiress.


Greg Granberg

The son of the American actor known for the films The Fabelmans and Without Feeling has epilepsy, which at one point was so severe that Jake had up to 200 seizures a day. Since then, he has undergone brain surgery, which helped him regain some of his senses.


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