If you're invited: rules of etiquette to make a good impression

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If you want to be invited back, don't break these rules

Being invited to feel at home does not mean that you can forget that you are a guest. Etiquette will require you to exercise some restraint and restraint in your behavior. Of course, you shouldn't sit with your hands in your lap all the time. But you still have to follow some rules.

OBOZ.UA asked etiquette experts for their recommendations on what not to do when visiting. And here is what they advise those who want to be invited again.

Do not touch things or rearrange them

People spend years building a comfortable order of objects at home, and to violate it is to violate their boundaries. So if you want to look at something, always ask permission first. And never open the refrigerator without permission.

Don't ask for a house tour

Many people are happy to give guests a small tour of their space, especially after a move or renovation. But leave it to the hosts to take the initiative. Wandering between rooms and opening every door in sight is also a gross violation of someone else's boundaries.

Know when to leave

There is nothing worse than annoying guests. Therefore, pay attention to the non-verbal signals that your hosts give you. If they start removing tea cups from the table, turn off the music, or start putting things in their places, it's probably time for you to go home.

If you make a mess, tell them about it

There's nothing worse than finding a red wine stain a few days after the party when it's already dried. So, if you accidentally make a mess at a party, tell the hosts right away. Even if you just ran out of toilet paper. As a rule, it is easier to solve such problems in the fresh traces.

Don't rummage around

Doors in cabinets and shelves are made to hide things behind them. You shouldn't open them without permission.

Don't bring uninvited guests with you

If you are the only one invited to tea or a party, it means that you are the only one they want to see. Uninvited guests are a whole lot of trouble for the hosts. Don't create these problems for them, so as not to ruin your friendship. If you want to bring someone with you, ask them in advance and accept the answer if they refuse.

Inform about dietary restrictions in advance

Finding out that a guest doesn't eat meat or has some kind of food allergy at the moment when everyone is already sitting down to eat is a bit of a surprise. All such nuances should be communicated in advance so that the hosts have time to prepare.

Do not feed other people's pets

Pets may have dietary restrictions. Therefore, you shouldn't bring treats and give them to cats, dogs, parrots, fish, etc. Especially do not give animals leftovers from the human table. You will have fun for one minute, but the owners may have to treat their pet for months afterwards.

Follow the rules for shoes

In some homes, people wear street shoes, in others they wear slippers, and in others they move around barefoot. Listen to the wishes of your hosts. Just in case, bring comfortable socks or slippers to ensure your usual level of comfort. Hosts who invite guests should also have a few pairs of house shoes for them.

Don't show up empty-handed

A good guest always brings something nice with them. You don't have to spend money on an expensive gift - a bouquet of flowers, a package of fragrant buns or a bottle of wine will be a good choice that will not affect your budget.

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