If you don't have a machine: how to wash clothes and underwear by hand

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How to hand wash your clothes and underwear

Hand washing is usually reserved for delicate garments. First of all, look at the label - it usually has instructions on how to care for the fabric. When washing by hand, you can use folk's tips, such as salt or lemon juice. Natural ingredients will effectively remove dirt, soften the fabric, and prevent color loss.

Hand wash your underwear, t-shirt or sweater when the washing machine is not full enough. Good Housekeeping tells you how to wash your clothes and underwear the right way.

Top tips for hand washing

Caroline Forte, executive director of the Good Housekeeping Institute's Cleaning Lab, said hand washing can help prevent stretching fibers. For most items, any standard liquid or powder detergent will work. Thin fabrics may require a softer, gentler option.

Work on stains as needed. To do this, gently rub the stain remover or liquid detergent in with your fingertips. Avoid rubbing as this can damage the fabric.

Wool, silk and brightly coloured clothes are best washed at low temperatures.

Since spinning can damage delicate fabrics, gently lift the garment with both hands and gently wring out as much water as possible. Then experts suggest placing the garment on an absorbent towel and twisting the towel and garment together until the water is absorbed. To keep the knitted items from stretching, lay them out flat to dry.

How to hand wash bras and delicates

It is recommended that bras and underwear be hand washed. Fill a container or warm water, unless a different water temperature is indicated on the care label. Make sure the detergent is completely dissolved before immersing the underwear.

Soak the bra in soapy water for at least 15 minutes, then rinse. To get rid of excess water, gently wring out the cups and blot them with a towel.

How to hand wash sweaters

Warm water and mild detergent will work for most sweaters, but be sure to check the recommendations on the label before washing. Sweaters should not be rubbed or the fibers may become damaged or lose their shape. The detergent should be rubbed gently into the stain with your fingers. Turn the sweater inside out and leave it to soak for at least 10 minutes. Then rinse in running water, wring out and dry outdoors.

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