Iconic films that made a breakthrough in fashion: worth watching

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The world of fashion and cinema, although on different planes, influences one into the other. There are films that became truly iconic and deeply influenced fashion and trendsetters for several decades, and laid the foundation for this or that style. You can, of course, remember more intense films and cinematic classics, but as a stylist, I wanted to look at those pages that you definitely saw and due to which, in my opinion, there really was a breakthrough in fashion.

Sex and the City


Insanely, this series and its characters can be considered the leading icons of modern style. After each episode, women all over the world took away the clothes and attire that at least slightly resembled those worn by the show's heroines. What's just worth the tulle spindernitsa Kery in the studio, which remained a hit for ten years! You could see it all on the screen, in the streets or even in the mirror - the combination of couture and boson jackets, the fantastic clutch and scarves on the clothes, and of course brands, brands... The legendary Manolo Blahnik, Richard Tyler, Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Dior, Blumarine, Chanel, Chloe, Prada, Roberto Cavalli - originals or replicas magically made their way onto the streets of all the fashion world.

Emily in Paris


Although the creators of this series have spared the reputation of the Ukrainian girl, but in commercial terms it is a hit! Darren Star, the same one who produced "Sex and the City," did not go wrong with the theme of fashion and here. We see an unremarkable number of images and trendy speeches, which were repeated by almost all Instagram influencers. Although the outfits were criticized for being impractical as the Brooklyn Paris type stilettos and the more "French" berets, but the colorful jackboots were copied by all.



The laconic and mystical looks were immediately loved by everyone, and the classic black leather coat became a must-have in the closet for years to come. Black eyewear Blinde Eyewear, "sleek" hairstyles, total-black and masculinity were especially savored by the rebellious youth in the mid-twentieth century, when bourbonism was at its peak.

The Devil Wears Prada


The dream film, which shows the not-so-perfect, but perfectly refined world of fashion from the inside, has become an inspiration for many girls and women. It certainly reflects the sophistication of the style of all the characters and the unsurpassed work of the stylists. It's a treat for the eyes with countless outfits that millions of women have taken note of - a cap with a sweater, beads on a shirt, and that very blue colour - sorry, "sky blue" by Oscar de la Renta, as the heroine Meryl Streep sarcastically noted. This film has become a kind of style guide that can be used to collect worthy looks for all occasions.

Coco before Chanel


This picture was eagerly watched by everyone involved in fashion - and they were not disappointed! And don't tell me you didn't pull out your pearl beads of the little black dress afterwards. The film about Chanel has inspired many people to embrace femininity and classics, and the legendary tweed suits have reappeared on women in the office, on the streets, and on the town. However, the current shows of this fashion house, unfortunately, do not impress with anything fresh and are far from experiments. So we hope for a new creative director of Chanel who will breathe life and freshness into this plush classic.

Pulp Fiction


This postmodern creation of Tarantino's clearly showed the style of the entire 90s, with references to the 60s, 70s and 80s! Each character looked cool and matched their character. All the looks - from the Hawaiian shirt to the oversized men's shirt worn by the main character, along with the stylish "bob with straight bangs" hairstyle - became a real symbol of the film. Admit it, who cut their hair the same way after the film's release?



It was like a new breath of creativity in an ocean of primitive bows from other films. I don't know of a single costume corporate event where Cruella's image is not present. A kind of mix of femininity and classics and 70s London punk, audacity and sexuality and pathos, maybe excessive, but nevertheless, it is the most memorable.

Finally, thanks to this film, it has become more fashionable to be brighter and not be afraid to show yourself and your potential. Military boots with rough soles, leather jackets with rough metallic accessories, red lipstick, huge hairstyles - all this also flooded the streets and nightclubs when fashionistas around the world were inspired by Cruella's courage.

Have you imitated or copied any of the looks from the above films? Just think back - you may not have even noticed it, but you dressed like the heroines of these films. After all, the powerful influence of cinema on culture and fashion is really very, very great...

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