"I went to fetch water and found the Russians' position": Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers tell about a fierce battle with the enemy in the Luhansk region. Video.

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The drunken occupiers did not recognise the soldier and even gave him a light

Ukrainian soldiers from the 111th Brigade of the Territorial Defence Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told how they unexpectedly engaged in a small arms battle with the enemy in the Luhansk region. One of the soldiers went to fetch water and discovered enemy positions.

At that moment, the occupiers were warming themselves by the fire, drinking alcohol - the territorial defence soldier even lit up in the company of the invaders. The video with the defenders' story was published by the press service of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration (to watch it, scroll down to the end).


"We've gone on guard duty. The guys were burying themselves, and we were lying in front of them to prevent them from being found. And while the guys were burying themselves, one of them decided to fetch water. He managed to fetch water so well that he found a platoon checkpoint. When he came, they didn't realise it was ours, so he lit a cigarette and left. He came back and said they were burning a fire. Five people are sitting around the fire and drinking vodka," the defenders said.

Soldiers of the Luhansk Separate Territorial Defence Brigade conducted aerial reconnaissance, received data on the positions of the occupiers, and then started a fierce firefight. The enemy was attacked from both sides with machine guns and grenade launchers. During the battle, one of our soldiers was wounded in the arm.


"This was more of a shock operation than a direct order to occupy something. The main task was to cause losses, stress and chaos in the enemy's ranks. If you sit still all the time, the occupiers will only get more impudent. The more you show that you can go out and do something, even shoot in their direction, they will not be so impudent and will stop trying to attack. It was necessary to show that they are nobody here," the soldiers say.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported:

- The occupiers have lost the initiative in the Luhansk region. Having accumulated resources, but not launched an active offensive, the enemy regularly suffers losses under the fire pressure of Ukrainian troops.

- At the same time, the enemy has made some progress in the Kreminna sector and regained control of the approaches to Kreminna. In some places, the invaders have advanced several kilometres, and the intention of the Russian command is apparently to push the front line to the Oskil River, according to British intelligence.

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