How to whitewash trees in the fall: why is it necessary

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Autumn whitewashing of trees

Autumn whitewashing will protect trees from frost and sunburn. Yes, trees can also get burned in winter - this happens when the bark is exposed to direct sunlight, causing it to expand and heat up. And when the sun goes down, cracks and damage begin to form.

Experts say that sudden temperature changes can also cause the bark to shrink and split. How to whitewash trees in the fall and what are the benefits of whitewashing - read the OBOZ.UA article.

Why whitewash trees in the fall

There are a number of reasons why gardeners advise whitewashing trees in the fall:

  • whitewashing will act as a protective barrier and prevent damage from temperature changes;
  • it will help protect trees in frosty weather;
  • whitewashing will prevent the harmful effects of insects;
  • whitewashing will prevent soil erosion;
  • whitewashing fruit trees helps to increase yields in the next season.

How to whitewash trees

Lime is an inexpensive and high-quality option for whitewashing trees. You can also use latex paint and special whitewash mixtures with additional components.

The process involves several steps:

  1. you need to clean the trunk;
  2. disinfect it;
  3. treat the wounds, remove lichens;
  4. start applying whitewash.

Whitewashing should be started in warm, dry weather when the air temperature is above 5°C. Trees can be severely damaged if whitewashed in wet and cool weather, so it should be done before the first frost.

You can whitewash from mid-September to early November - the paint should dry and form a dense protective layer. Low temperatures will affect the quality of the lime and its ability to adhere to the bark.

Trees can be whitewashed with a brush, spray gun or roller. The use of a brush will facilitate better application and guarantee the quality of the coating of the areas. Start from the bottom of the tree and move upward, covering the trunk and branches.

For old, diseased trees, it is better to use a special protective paint, while young trees can be whitewashed with lime.

In the spring, you should repeat the whitewashing by adding copper sulfate to the lime - this will provide additional protection for the trees.

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