How to wash jackets properly to avoid streaks and retain synthetic loft

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How to wash a jacket with synthetic winterizer

Padding polyester down jackets are less warm than down puffers, but they are also less capricious in washing. They can easily withstand high temperatures and can be wrung out and crushed. However, this only applies to quilted products.

Synthetic winter jackets often lose their appearance after a few wash cycles. OBOZ.UA figured out how to wash jackets correctly so that there are no stains and the synthetic loft is retained.

How to straighten a synthetic winterizer

There are three ways to save a bunched-up synthetic winterizer.

Tennis balls

You will need three tennis balls or special rubber balls. Place the pre-washed jacket with the balls in the drum of the machine and turn on the delicate cycle. You do not need to add detergent. The balls can evenly "break" the synthetic winterizer on the jacket. Take the jacket out right after washing, shake it, and dry it horizontally.

Knocking out

Bamboo sticks or a regular punch will do the trick as they will quickly break up the pieces of the synthetic winterizer. You need to take any product that can safely treat areas with a knocked-down synthetic winterizer without damaging the surface of the fabric. Hang the jacket on the shoulders, having previously fastened all the zippers and buttons, and turn it inside out to prevent deformation. "Beat out" the synthetic winterizer until it is evenly distributed over the jacket.

Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner can be used on wet synthetic winterizer. Do it with the jacket in a horizontal position. A medium power mode will be enough to cope with the task. The nozzle should be without a brush. Particular attention should be paid to the collar, belt, and sleeves.

Machine wash

  1. Fasten all buttons and unfasten the fur collar.
  2. The jacket should be placed in a special bag to protect it from deformation.
  3. The most optimal mode is delicate or synthetic with a water temperature of 30-40 degrees.
  4. Turn on the spin and dry function.
  5. Turn on the additional rinse function.

After the second rinse, spin the jacket manually. Products with insulation should not be stretched or twisted. Just wrap a towel around the jacket to create a sponge effect and absorb excess moisture. Straighten out the areas with the padding and shake the product.

Hand wash

  1. Unfasten the fur hood and other delicate details.
  2. Immerse the jacket in a container of water for 15 minutes.
  3. Soap the side seams, collar, pockets, and hemline with a brush and liquid detergent. Leave the jacket to soak for another 20 minutes.
  4. After the pre-cleaning stage, wash the jacket with a special liquid detergent.
  5. First, rinse the item in a basin and then under a shower stream. This minimizes the risk of stains.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA shared how to dry a washed jacket.

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