How to walk on icy streets: ways to protect yourself from falls

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Proper movement in icy conditions will help to avoid falls and injuries

Ukraine is covered with heavy snowfall and frost. This means that in the coming days our sidewalks will be covered with ice and the risk of injury while walking on the streets will increase significantly.

OBOZ.UA has collected tips from the patrol police and hikers that will help protect you from falling on the ice. Keep them for yourself, they will definitely come in handy more than once during the winter.

Make sure your shoes do not slip. Choose models with soles made of special materials or use additional devices.

When walking, lean forward slightly and shift your body weight to the front of your foot. This will increase your stability. Don't keep your hands in your pockets, as you won't be able to catch your balance at the right time.

Feel free to use additional aids such as a cane or ski poles. Hold onto handrails wherever possible - on stairs, slopes, etc. Extra support in icy conditions can help protect you from serious injury.

Take your time. Plan your time so that you can walk slowly. A slow walking speed reduces the risk of falling and injury.

Do not push. In crowded areas, exercise caution. Try not to push others. Pushing can cause both the person who was pushed and you to lose your balance.

Take care of reflective elements on your clothes and carry a flashlight. In the dark, you should be visible to both drivers and other pedestrians.

Try not to carry heavy bags and backpacks. They greatly affect your balance while walking. If possible, put some of your items in your pockets so that the weight is distributed evenly, or use a backpack with back support.

Follow the appropriate traffic laws. Do not enter the roadway without making sure that there is no danger to yourself or other road users. Do not suddenly run out onto the road, including on a pedestrian crossing - the stopping distance of cars in such weather increases. Do not allow children to go out on the roadway without supervision. Do not cross the road outside the designated areas. If you are on the road, do not stop until you reach your destination, unless it is necessary to ensure road safety. Use only pedestrian paths.

Be very careful when getting out of the vehicle. There are often slippery areas at bus stops and on the roadsides.

And, of course, avoid ice-covered areas. If possible, avoid such places. Do not roll out areas of ice. And use areas that have been cleaned and treated with sand and other substances to move around.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you what is the difference between ice and sleet.

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