How to wake up earlier: 10 useful tips that really work

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How to wake up earlier

Getting up in the morning is a real challenge for some people. This leads to poor health, drowsiness, and lack of productivity throughout the day.

According to the Sleep Foundation, there are many ways to get energized in the morning. It depends not only on what time you went to bed but also on exercise, food, and daily rituals.

Wake-up time

Begin to gradually adjust your wake-up time so that your body can adapt to the new schedule. A slow and steady approach will help you establish a stable daily routine. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier every day and wake up at the same time. Repeat this until you get used to the new schedule.

Dark curtains

Natural light is a powerful wake-up call in the morning. Do not close the windows with dark curtains, let the sun's rays wake you up in the morning. This way you can wake up naturally.

Alarm clock

Get up as soon as the alarm goes off. Don't postpone the alarm for later as it will only make it harder for you. According to research, you'll feel much better if you get up right away instead of taking another 5-10 minutes to sleep.

Alarm clock signal

Choose a pleasant alarm that will gently push you to wake up instead of scaring you in the morning. Sharp and loud sounds cause the release of adrenaline in the body, which releases stress hormone that has a negative effect on the body.


Consistency is crucial when setting your internal clock. Maintain the same wake-up time on all days of the week, and don't make exceptions on weekends. Studies have shown that sleeping in on weekends disrupts your biological rhythm.

Relax in the evening

Plan your morning the day before and do a calming routine before bed to signal your body that you are ready for sleep. You should get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night, so start your evening relaxation one to two hours beforehand. For example, make tea, turn off all gadgets, and read a book.


Morning physical activity can energize your body and mind for an active start to the day. According to experts, consistent exercise keeps your biological rhythm functioning optimally.

Make plans for the day

Schedule something to do in the morning so that you are motivated to wake up quickly. It can be a yoga class, a trip to the grocery store, or making a delicious breakfast.


Be sure to eat in the morning to give your body energy and strength for the day. Avoid eating a late dinner because it will be difficult for your body to relax and rest at night.


While your morning cup of coffee can be a great ritual, be aware of the consequences. Caffeine can affect you until the evening, which will prevent you from falling asleep on time and getting a good night's rest. This substance is also found in green tea, hot chocolate, soda, and other popular drinks.

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