How to use the keyboard: 7 the most convenient keyboard shortcuts

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Useful keyboard shortcuts for PC and Mac for use on your computer

If you want to improve the efficiency of your PC or laptop - you need to know the most useful keyboard shortcuts. They are called "hotkeys" and knowing the combinations can save you a lot of time.

The computer tips were brought to the attention of the Foxnews edition. There are secrets in using both Windows and Mac operating systems.

1. Switching between open windows

Most of us are multitaskers, so there is rarely only one window open on a computer. You can go to your computer's docking station to switch between applications, or you can quickly switch between them with a few keystrokes.

  • To switch between open windows on your PC, press Ctrl+Alt+Tab.
  • To switch between open windows on a Mac, press Command+Tab.

2. Quickly lock your computer

You should turn off or lock your computer every time you leave it unattended. Do this without going into your computer's menu.

  • To lock the screen on a PC, press Windows+L.
  • To lock the screen on a Mac, press Ctrl+Command+Q.

Also make sure that the password you choose is strong and secure.

3. Take a picture of your screen

From time to time you may want to save just a portion of a website, a photo, or anything else that appears on your screen. This is so easy to do if you know the key combination.

  • To take a screenshot on your PC, press Windows+Shift+S.
  • To take a screenshot on a Mac, press Shift+Command+4.

The screenshot will be saved to the clipboard. Open a tool such as Word, Paint or Preview and select "Paste". You can then edit the screenshot and save it in the location of your choice.

4. Enlarge

If your eyesight is no longer what it used to be, or if you want to see something on the screen in more detail, zoom is your help.

If you have a mouse with a wheel attached to your computer, press Ctrl and scroll the mouse. Scroll the wheel up to zoom in and scroll down to zoom out.

To use the keyboard only:

  • Windows: Press Windows+Plus sign (+) to zoom in; Windows+Minus sign (-) to zoom out
  • Mac: Press Option+Command+equal sign (=) to zoom in; Option+Command+minus sign (-) to zoom out.

5. Paste text without the original formatting

Instead of just Ctrl+V to paste text, add the Shift key. This will paste the text you copied and remove all of its formatting.

  • Windows: press Ctrl+Shift+V.
  • Mac: press Option+Command+Shift+V.

6. Quickly check your download history

  • On a Windows PC, press Ctrl+J.
  • On a Mac, press Command+Option+L.

7. Create a virtual desktop

If you use many applications at once or use your computer for different tasks, virtual desktops can help you keep track of everything.

  • To create a virtual desktop on a PC, press Windows+Ctrl+D.
  • To create a virtual desktop on a Mac, press Control+arrow up.

Other useful combinations:

Windows operating system.

Ctrl+C - copy. To see the contents of the clipboard in MS Office, press Ctrl+C twice.

Ctrl+N - create a new document.

Ctrl+O - open.

Ctrl+S - save.

Ctrl+V - paste.

Ctrl+W - close the window.

Ctrl+X - cut.

Ctrl+Y - repeat the canceled action.

Ctrl+Z - cancel the last change.

Ctrl+Home - move to the beginning of the document.

Ctrl+End - move to the end.

Windows+E - launch Windows Explorer.

Windows+D - minimize all windows, go to desktop, or restore windows.

Windows+U - turn off the computer.

Mac operating system

Option+Cmd+D - displays or hides the panel.

Dock Cmd+Option+H - hides all programs except the one you are working in.

Cmd+W - closes the active open window.

Option+Cmd+W - closes all windows.

Option+Cmd+right arrow - expands a directory and/or subdirectory in the Finder list.

Cmd+[ - Goes to the previous folder.

Cmd+] - goes to the next folder.

Cmd+Shift+3 - copies the screen to the clipboard.

Cmd+Shift+4 - copies only part of the screen to the clipboard.

Shift+Option+Cmd+Q - instant exit.

Shift+Cmd+Q - Exits after 2 minutes.

Shift+Cmd+Delete - clears the Recycle Bin.

Cmd+T - opens a new window in Safari.

Cmd+K - opens a connection to the server.

Shift+Cmd+? - displays the help window.

C - loads a DVD, CD, USB drive.

Cmd+Option+I - opens the Inspector window.

Cmd+Option+Esc - selects a program to force termination.

Cmd+ Option+Power button - puts the computer into sleep mode.

Cmd+Ctrl+Power Button - Forces the computer to restart.

Cmd+Option+Ctrl+power button - closes all programs and shuts down the computer.

There are also social networking hotkeys. For example, you want to open a full screen video on YouTube. You can look for a special icon under the video, or you can just press a single F key and save time.

Or instead of moving the cursor to the "Like" link to rate a Facebook post or photo you like, you can press the L key.

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