How to unravel the love language of each zodiac: astrologers gave clues

Love horoscope

There are several ways of expressing love - words, touch, help, presence, and signs of attention - that you and your partner can use to express your feelings. Gary Chapman, a marriage counselor, once wrote a popular book called The Five Love Languages, where he identified these aspects as the main ones in a relationship.

Astrologers believe that the way people express their feelings also depends to some extent on the location of the planets. Experts in the field have tried to systematize the characteristics of all astrological aspects and determine how zodiac signs express love.

Aries: touch and words

This cardinal fire sign, ruled by Mars, is expressive and passionate. Aries are direct and persistent when expressing emotions. They can be impatient and often flare up in anger when their partner is not expecting it.

Aries crave adventure and novelty and want a partner who can keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle. However, they also value independence and autonomy, so they need a partner who can respect their need for freedom. Touch and physical ways of expressing feelings are important to Aries. Aries also need constant approval, so they need a daily dose of compliments.

Taurus: presence, help, signs of attention

Taurus expresses their emotions in a calm and measured way and prefers to take their time. They will think three times before starting a relationship, assess all the risks, and weigh the prospects. Taurus needs a strong emotional connection with their partner to maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship. They are loyal, faithful, and dream of a partner who can provide them with a safe and cozy life.

For Taurus, relationships are about building a strong foundation of trust and mutual support. They also attach great importance to presence and intimacy in a relationship. Taurus will really appreciate it if their partner cooks dinner for them, helps with cleaning, and creates a homey feel.

Gemini: words and presence

Gemini love to express emotions vividly. They are looking for a partner with whom they can talk about everything. The intellectual component is very important in a relationship. Words of affirmation can boost their confidence and make them feel valued.

Geminis don't like to be bored and are looking for a partner who can challenge their thoughts and ideas. They also value independence and freedom. A partner should give them the space to pursue their own interests. They believe that a romantic relationship is about building a deep mental connection with a partner who is both a lover and a friend.

Cancer: help and participation

Cancers are known for their deep empathy and intuition. They often let their emotions guide them and tend to retreat at the slightest difficulty. Emotional connection and intimacy are top priorities in relationships. Cancerians are looking for a partner who can create a sense of security and comfort and who is willing to share their most intimate thoughts and feelings.

Cancers want to be in a relationship with someone who will help with everything: with household chores and work assignments. Cancerians need to be constantly taken care of and be willing to take on all their problems.

Leo: words and presence

Leos give the impression of strong and confident leaders. And this is true. However, in personal relationships, Leos really like to be pampered and appreciated. Leos love romance and grand gestures, so they need a partner who makes them feel special and loved.

Leos need compliments. They are attracted to self-confident and ambitious partners with whom they can talk about everything. Leos are ready to take responsibility for their partner, to be together through thick and thin. Proud and unwavering in front of outsiders, Leos love to be romantic in relationships and delight their partner with surprises. But they also require such an attitude.

Virgo: help and words

Practical Virgos tend to express their emotions in a logical way. You can often see them doing introspection or going to a psychologist before expressing their emotions or complaints. Virgos are looking for a partner who is responsible and conscientious. Virgos like to plan everything carefully and do not need emotional swings.

Virgos dream of someone who shares their values of hard work and commitment and who can help them cope with the daily responsibilities of life.

Libra: signs of attention and presence

Libra expresses their emotions in a harmonious and balanced way, often seeking compromise and justice. Ruled by Venus, Libras love everything beautiful. According to astrologers, gifts and signs of attention for Libra are a manifestation of feelings.

Libras are looking for kind and attentive partners who share their love of beauty and aesthetic pleasures. They don't need unnecessary drama and quarrels. Libras value equality, so they need a partner who can cooperate with them in making decisions and reaching a compromise.

Scorpio: touch and words

Scorpios are very passionate, so they need physical manifestations of love. In a relationship, intense emotional connection and passion are important to Scorpios. They also value trust, so they need a partner who can be loyal and honest. Scorpios place a high value on their physical desires and are looking for a passionate partner.

Scorpios need approval very much. The partner should admire them and often give them compliments, otherwise Scorpios will go looking for vivid emotions elsewhere.

Sagittarius: presence and help

Sagittarius are free philosophers. They love traveling, new knowledge, and vivid impressions. It is quite clear that this fire sign values freedom and adventure above all else. They often look for activities that involve exploring new horizons and expanding their minds. Thus, they benefit from having a partner who can give them the space to pursue their own interests.

Sagittarius cannot be happy in a relationship if their partner does not share the same love of traveling and learning new things.

Capricorn: help, words, signs of attention

Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign ruled by Saturn. Capricorns are ambitious, pragmatic, and have an extremely practical approach to everything. They attach great importance to the financial aspects of relationships. They are looking for people who are willing to work together to build a successful life and a strong and prosperous future.

Capricorns are very focused on the material world, so getting gifts that are on their wish list is a surefire way to set their heart on fire.

Aquarius: presence and words

Aquarians are true rebels, expressing their emotions in ways that often go against established norms. Aquarians are looking for someone who can support their individuality and give them the space to pursue their interests.

They are unconventional and progressive, and need a partner who can stimulate their minds. The partner should respect Aquarius' need for space and freedom.

Pisces: touch and help

Pisces is a mercurial water sign ruled by Neptune. There are many creative people among them, so Pisces express their emotions in a very poetic and imaginative way.

Pisces values emotional depth and support in relationships and needs a partner who can connect with them on an emotional level. They are looking for someone who can give them a sense of security and stability. It would be ideal if the partner could share their artistic pursuits and spiritual interests.

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