How to turn a dorm room into a dream home: the best tips

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You can create a cozy dorm room on your own

Students often face a problem when their dorm room does not meet their expectations. This can affect their mood and studying.

However, this is a great opportunity for self-expression because you can furnish the room in your own style. OBOZREVATEL has collected tips to help you cope with this.

Paintings, posters, or other inexpensive canvases will not only cover the unevenness on the walls, but also decorate your room. Bright prints will immediately revitalize the space and make it much more comfortable to be there.

How to turn a dorm room into a dream home: the best tips

You can also create your own gallery. Print photos and posters and hang them on your wall however you want. You can put them in frames or hang them on a string and attach them with nice clothespins. This way, you will enjoy pleasant memories when you are sad.

If you're an art lover, hang a tapestry (a lint-free carpet with a pattern) at the headboard or on a side wall. Of course, you don't have to use a real tapestry, but hang a fabric with a pattern that you like. You can buy it online or at the market.

A monogram (a brief designation of the first letters of a person's first and last name) will make your room unique. It can be made to order or created by yourself using special applications. Such trendy accents are popular among students.

If there is no mirror in your room, be sure to install one. A mirror in a special frame will add sophistication to your corner.

Decorate the walls with neon signs. They will not only add more light to your room, but also improve your mood and create a fun atmosphere.

How to turn a dorm room into a dream home: the best tips

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