How to switch plastic windows to "winter" mode: instructions and video

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You can set the window to winter mode yourself: it's easy

Double-glazed windows (mostly metal & plastic products) provide good insulation from street noise and cold. However, like any device in the house, they need regular maintenance. They need to be washed at least twice a year: everyone knows about it. They should be switched to a seasonal mode - summer and winter - at the same frequency.

OBOZ.UA tells you how to switch the windows to the "winter" mode yourself. To do this, you will need a hex key of the right size and some preparation.

Modes of windows with double-glazed windows

There are actually three modes for such a window. Installers usually leave it in the middle one. It provides for a moderate fit of the rubber seal.

Accordingly, the summer mode is a loose fit that allows air to enter the room from the street. And the winter mode is the tightest fit. In this case, the seal completely blocks the access of cold and does not allow heat to pass outside, and the rubber wears out quite a bit.

How to prepare windows

To switch a double-glazed window to winter mode and avoid damaging window parts, it must be properly prepared for this. First, the locking mechanisms are wiped clean with a cloth. This will prevent dirt from getting inside. When the preparation is complete, the lubricant layer will need to be restored.

At this stage, you also need to find all the eccentrics (trunnions): their number depends on the size of the window. The larger the window, the greater the number of eccentrics.

The mosquito net should be removed before the next warm season, and the seal should be treated with silicone or glycerin grease. A silicone-based spray is best.

Switching is best done after the start of the heating season. The need to do this may be indicated by condensation on the windows or frost on the inside.

Instructions for switching windows

All steps in this step-by-step guide must be performed carefully so as not to pinch or damage the parts. Otherwise, the window may lose its functionality.

Start by picking up a hex key of the right size or a screwdriver. Open the window and look for a rounded trunnion at the end. The pattern on it usually points upward. This is a sign that the window is set to medium.

Insert the hex key into the hole in the middle of the trunnion and, holding it at a right angle, turn it in the direction of the seal. Repeat this procedure with all the pins. As the heat builds up, you will need to turn the key in the opposite direction.

To check the tightness of the window after adjustment, insert a piece of paper between the frame and sash and close the window. If the paper cannot be easily removed after that, the seal is as close to the frame as possible, which means you did everything right.

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